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10 Best NBA Players Ever: Sports Fan should know

best nba players

Since 1946, there has been an NBA. We have watched many of the best athletes in history participate on the court throughout that era. However, it’s difficult to suggest the greatest player of all time due to the broad range of expertise, diversity in play styles, and degrees of stamina, talent, and training.

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Before you dive into the details of the streaming platform, you need to know the top performers in the field of basketball.

Michael Jordan

He is the greatest goalscorer in sports history, earning ten league championships. Jordan accomplished more victories than anybody. He captained the Bulls to a triumph in 1996 and 72 victories.

He also possesses a perfect 6-0 Playoff record and two distinct presidential trophy championship streaks. He also often equalled the postseason stealing record and split the postseason scoring lead ten times.

LeBron James

He managed his victories alone, bringing the shabby Cleveland Cavaliers of 2007 to the national championship. He has won the champions league against the San Antonio Spurs and Golden State Warriors, two of the greatest empires in the NBA.

After a 52-year title drought, LeBron also restored a championship to Cleveland. He is the sole player in league heritage who has both his goals scored and rebounds rank in the top 10. In addition, he is the sole player who has ever amassed more than 34,000 points: 9,000 reboundings and 9,000 assists. Also check out the great debate on Top player in NBA history.

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Kareem became one of the best in the league, with all-around athletes and scores. To overpower his competitors, he unleashed his signature “skyhook” smash, an overpowering swing lob. 

Kareem took his club to the championship game six times throughout his tenure, bringing them there ten times. He also established a mark by capturing six MVPs, which are still in existence.

He was a terrific player in contrast to becoming a good offensive player, garnering an All-Defensive designation 11 times.

Shaquille O’Neal

Despite Shaq’s tremendous stature and stamina, he was anything more than an irresistible juggernaut. Shaq was extremely athletic, had exceptional dribbling skills, and had the flexibility to move into or out of openings to score and collect rebounds. 

He notably faced off against Michael Jordan in a one-on-one battle and crossed Jordan as Jordan reached the basket.

He structurally maintained the eighth-best career record with 28,596 points scored during his playing career. He also managed to rack up 13,099 boards, which ranks him 15th all-time. He also ranked eighth in shot blocking with 2,732 stops, which he accomplished vigorously.

Larry Bird

For the very first time seen in an NBA season, Birdshot 50 percent of the overall on-field goals, 40% on three-pointers, and 90% on free throw attempts. 

In his tenure, he achieved this twice. Furthermore, he triumphed in three straight three-point competitive shooting. He even rehearsed making three-pointers while shutting his eyes.

Having three championships and three successive MVP trophies under his belt, Bird steered the Celtics to a remarkable legacy.

Earvin Johnson Jr.

Another of the NBA’s mainstays in the 1980s was Earvin “Magic” Johnson Jr. In the 1979 selection, the Los Angeles Lakers selected him first. Magic received the Rookie of the Year honour and the NBA championship in the same year he was selected. Additionally, he was that year’s Finals MVP.

The Lakers and Magic have been capable of winning five rings while reaching nine Finals appearances owing to Magic’s passing ability and Kareem Abdul-scoring Jabbar’s capabilities. He spent his entire career with five championships; When Magic exposed to the world in 1991 that he had HIV, he was forced to retire instantly.

Tim Duncan

He was incredibly effective on both the defensive and offensive sides of the court. Duncan was able to serve as the head of an empire over two decades, courtesy of Gregg Popovich’s coaching. So throughout his playing career, he outlasted outstanding players like LeBron James twice, Ben Wallace, Jason Kidd, and others to win five titles.

He was a 2-time MVP and was chosen for the All-Defensive squad 15 times, despite never winning the Defensive Player of the Year accolade.

Bill Russell

He only had two of the 13 seasons inside the NBA without needing a championship. In contrast to his higher-level achievements, Russell twice won the NCAA title in 1955 and 1956. Somewhere at the 1956 Summer Olympics, he also took home Olympic gold for the USA.

Throughout his 13-year tenure, Russell grabbed over 20 rebounds per game and five times led the team in defence and rebounding, making him the best shooter ever. Russell is one of just seven athletes to have ever achieved an NCAA trophy, an NBA title, and an Olympic gold.

Hakeem Olajuwon

He possessed unparalleled defensive capabilities and was a tremendous blocker. Olajuwon topped the league twice in rebounds and three times over in blocks of shots. 

With a record of 3,830 blocks, he still holds the NBA’s all-time leader in shot blocks by more than 500. He earned Defensive Player of the year twice due to his incredible performance.

But Olajuwon wasn’t merely a defensive juggernaut; he was also very effective offensively. For his career, he scored 21.1 points on average per game. During his career, he won two NBA titles and became the Finals MVP in both tournaments.

Kobe Bryant

He was one of the top players in the league of all time, and his deadly intuition made his opponents tremble in fear. Bryant earned the nickname “the poisonous black mamba” for his propensity to become as lethal on the court. 

He completed 20 years as an NBA player, participating in 5 championships, including three consecutive ones. Bryant is still acknowledged as one of the sport’s most merciless shooters, having made seven game-tying shots and seven game-winning shots during his career.

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Final thought

Each player in our list is the epitome of hard work, persistence and resilience. They didn’t give up, start to form the bottom and made a name for themselves.

But these are not all of the players, new names are still in the making and you would probably see them soon including Giannis Antetokounmpo, Stephen Curry and Nikola Jokic

Although we have lost some of them today, however, they work for their team and their achievement will never be forgotten.

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