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18 Tips on Designing the Perfect Professional Letterhead Template

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A professional letterhead template is crucial for maintaining a good and long-term relationship with your clients, as the first impression of any business firm will always be an outcome of what you present to them at the first step. So, coming out with a perfect-looking cover letter design should be the topmost priority of every business house. To help you achieve the perfect professional letterhead template, here are 18 tips that you can follow to get the best result.

Content must be clear and readable.


Your business letterhead template should have all the information that your clients or business associates need to contact you in case they need any assistance from you in the future. So, the content of your letterhead design must be clear and easily understandable to anyone.

Logo is essential.

Your company’s logo is one of the most crucial parts of any business letterhead template, as it allows you to establish an identity for yourself in the industry. So, make sure that you put all the necessary efforts into designing an accurate logo for your business.

Choose the best paper for printing.

When designing a professional letterhead template, always use quality paper so that you can choose the best result when it comes to printing.

Fonts are most important.

The fonts used in your letterhead template will allow people outside of your firm to understand the information given in it. So, choose a good-looking and easily readable font for your letterhead design.

Aesthetic value is required.

Your business letterhead example should attract the clients and your business associates towards itself, as this is one of the most crucial parts of establishing a good relation with them. So, always try to add aesthetic value to your letterhead template design.

The format of the letterhead matters a lot.

Your company letter head template should be such that it can easily fit into any envelope and on any size of paper. So, you must pay attention to the format while designing your letterhead template.

Security is essential.

You need to be sure that the information given in your business letterhead template should be secured, as there are chances that you can lose all your sensitive data if it gets into the wrong hands. So, make use of private modes of communication along with your business letterhead template design.

Keep a good contrast.

A good contrast helps make the design look more appealing and beautiful, so always try to balance your color wheel perfectly while designing a business letterhead template.

Make use of the right tools for designing.

Always use high-end software and hardware needed for professional letterhead template design because it ensures you get the result you are looking for.

Keep the content simple.

Only include information needed in your business letterhead template design, as adding excess details only makes it difficult for people to understand, which will eventually cause a wrong impression of your company. So, always keep things simple while designing a professional letterhead template. Check out Venngage for more templates you can use for your letterheads.

Do not overuse space.

Overusing space in your company letterhead example can make it look untidy, so always try to have good contrast between the elements used for designing your business letterhead design.

The background of your letterhead matters a lot.

The color and pattern followed by the location will determine how appealing your business letterhead template appears to be, so always keep that in mind while designing one for yourself or your company. Venngage offers several templates for your letterheads.

Keep margins clear.

Margins are essential as they help separate things on the page, so if you ignore them, it can mess up the overall look of your professional letterhead template. So, always remember to work on margins as well as other details of your letterhead template.

Check for errors before finishing up.

No matter how good you think your business letterhead sample is, always check it for any possible error or mistake. Only a thorough review can help you catch it and make the necessary fixes to make them perfect and ready to be used by others.

Keep a good balance between logo and letterhead.

Having your logo on the business letterhead template is essential, but you should always look appealing and meet the clients’ expectations. So, please do not overdo it by making a lousy logo placement in your professional letterhead design.

Layout matters a lot.

A proper layout helps an individual easily understand certain things in your professional letterhead template design, so always have one for yourself. If possible, hire a reputed designer who can work with you on designing a good layout for your company’s business letterhead template.

The font size should be readable from far off.

When choosing fonts for your business letterhead template design, always keep in mind the font size as it should be legible from a distance so that people can read it without any problem. So, do not use substantial-sized fonts for letterhead template design.

Have fun while designing your business letterhead template.

Last but not least, have fun while creating your professional letterhead template because it is something that you will be using very frequently. Also, make sure to pay attention to all the details of your business letterhead template design before finalizing one for yourself or your company.

A letterhead is an important aspect in your business branding. You may check Venngage for more letterhead templates for you!

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