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3 Features of OTT Platforms a Business can Appreciate

OTT Platforms for business

The video streaming industry is evolving. More businesses and viewers are getting involved in streaming videos. A company launches an OTT platform because they realize its potential to bring revenue and connect with the audience. Viewers, in turn, find online services more convenient and flexible in use. 

Furthermore, companies that specialize in developing solutions for video streaming are familiar with possible issues content creators may encounter. They design features helpful for user retention and service improvement. Let’s observe some of them.

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Three Features of OTT Platforms a Business can Appreciate

There are multiple features. But here are those that you may find useful:

#1 OTT analytics

OTT analytics is a powerful tool for deepening your understanding of viewers and enhancing the service step by step. Tracking analytics data can help you boost your video streaming.

Analytics functionality provides information about your audience, content performance, and technical aspects of the service. 

When tracking analytics, you can understand what people are using your video streaming service. You may clarify the answers to questions such as who these people are, what they like, what their preferences are, what devices they use, and where they live. You will get a lot of information on demographics and interests. This may help you enhance your content and produce videos your consumers certainly like.

Tracking the performance of content will show you what videos are popular among viewers and what videos you don’t need to create. 

Analytics can also show you the technical aspect of your service operation. You will know if your service doesn’t work on some devices. 

#2 Features for user engagement

Features for user engagement are various. If you stream VOD (video-on-demand) content, you provide viewers with the opportunity to control how, when, and where they watch your videos. They can rewind and fast forward so that they don’t skip something important.

Furthermore, some OTT solutions can provide a recommendation engine. It offers videos to watch to viewers based on their viewing history. It collects data about videos they have watched and makes recommendations of what users might like.

OTT platforms are usually available on multiple platforms and devices, including smartphones, Smart TVs, and tablets. It means that viewers can access content whenever and wherever they want. They only need an internet connection and a compatible device.

All these help to consume videos the way a viewer prefers. They can watch it in the cafe or park. They can start viewing in the morning and continue in the evening – however they want. Video streaming services even allow binge-watching. 

#3 CDN

CDN stands for a content delivery network. It is what will help you reach more viewers across the world. 

CDN can deliver your content to any location with low latencies. When a user requests a video to play, it is transmitted to their device from the server closest to them. This way, the latencies are decreased, and the viewer gets a smooth watching experience. 

If a provider streams for one location, CDN can help them expand and cover more places. They even can become a worldwide service. 

Final Thoughts

OTT companies like Setplex work hard to embed as many features as possible so that content providers manage and run their video streaming services successfully and effectively. 

The features we have described are just a few among all that contribute to your prosperous operation.  

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