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3 Job Opportunities for People Who Enjoy Travel

Job Opportunities

For many people, travel is an important and enjoyable part of their lives. For some, it takes the form of traveling to exotic locations each year to sample a different culture and learn more about different countries and their traditions. Other people find that they want to make travel a part of their working careers. In recent years, there has been an increase in the number of people who have combined traveling and working completely, becoming digital nomads and traveling the world while earning income by working remotely from many different countries. Being a digital nomad is growing in appeal; however, it is not a lifestyle for everyone. Many people simply wish to travel as part of their daily working routine but still have a permanent home where they can relax after their working week is completed. In this article, three different types of jobs for people who enjoy travel will be discussed in detail. They are not as extreme as becoming a digital nomad but still allow travel to be an integral part of their roles. 

Freelance shipping work

If you like the idea of shipping various goods and equipment to a wide range of destinations and have your own haulage vehicle, then the role of a freelance shipping driver may be an extremely suitable career choice. Shipping drivers sign up to shipping websites where they gain access to jobs boards that list the loads that need to be transported and the destination that they need to be delivered to. Shipping work can be found at sites such as and drivers submit bids to the client. The winning bid secures the job, and the driver is then tasked with delivering the items to a specific time limit. Remuneration in this type of work is competitive and some shipping work that has short delivery timescales may attract increased payments. In short, if you love driving and navigating to destinations in a timely manner, this type of work could be ideal.

Coach tour driver

Coach drivers that work for established tour firms may be tasked with taking clients to a range of events and locations. Some coach tour operators specialize in regional or national trips (such as taking guests to see music concerts or sporting events) while others may specialize in international travel packages that take holidaymakers abroad via coach transport. It is important to have a driving license that allows you to drive large coaches or buses for this type of work. In most cases, a commercial driver’s license is necessary. Drivers should be confident on a range of roads and must be able to drive safely in other countries where different road traffic rules apply.

Flight attendant

A final type of job for people who love to travel is that of a flight attendant. This is recognized as being quite a glamourous job, as it often involves traveling to a wide range of exotic foreign destinations whilst ensuring that air passengers travel in comfort. Flight attendants may also be able to spend some of their free time abroad before helping passengers on return flights. Whilst the average starting salary for a flight attendant is around $30K, more experienced flight attendants who work for prestigious airlines can expect to earn up to $70K a year in salary. Being able to speak other foreign languages is a considerable advantage in this type of work, as many international travelers will speak languages other than English.

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