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5 Reasons to Choose BSc in Chemistry

bsc in chemistry

Chemistry is an integral part of the core science. Being the central science, it facilitates the study of matter, its properties, and behaviour. The BSc course is one of India’s most popular undergraduate courses, typically offered in three streams, namely physics, chemistry, and biology. After completing senior secondary schooling, students opt for a BSc course in a discipline that matches their interests and future objectives. 

BSc in chemistry is a three-year undergraduate programme that undertakes the study of matter, including organic and inorganic chemistry, its composition, properties, and structure. It is an exciting and rewarding science field that allows the students to gain in-depth knowledge of the chemical aspects of any substance. Chemistry primarily studies matter, such as molecules and atoms, and their reaction when combined clinically. Since matter is the major component that makes up everything, the field of chemistry is broad. 

A well-designed BSc in Chemistry focuses on developing a comprehensive knowledge of theoretical and practical modules to ensure the holistic development of the students. Moreover, during the course, you will acquire technical skills crucial to succeed as a chemist. BSc in chemistry offers a lucrative career path, but if you are skeptical about your choice, these five reasons can push you over the edge to pursue a BSc in chemistry.

1. Great career prospects

The greatest benefit of choosing a BSc in chemistry is that it empowers you to apply your subject-specific knowledge in an array of fields, including biochemistry, environmental causes, pharmaceutical, and research. Moreover, a chemistry graduate can explore different career options, such as:

  • Clinical Research Specialist
  • Lab Assistant
  • Quality Controller
  • Subject Matter Expert(Chemistry)
  • Water Quality Chemist
  • Medical Technologist
  • Clinical Research Specialist
  • Cytologist

2. Gain highly-transferable skills

When you opt to pursue a BSc in chemistry, you develop subject-specific knowledge and skills that allow you to build plenty of transferable skills. While the course is tailored to offer expert knowledge required for a career in chemistry, the additional skills you will gain will also be helpful in non-chemistry-related industries. There are some of the transferable skills gained during the course:

  • Critical Thinking
  • Teamwork
  • Problem Solving
  • Data Analysis
  • Research skills
  • Spoken and Written English Skills

3. Qualifies you for higher education

Another reason for studying for a BSc in Chemistry is that being a graduate in chemistry clears your path moving forward. It allows you to earn a postgraduate degree in chemistry, which dives deep into the subject and is likely to make you specialised in an area. Having a master’s degree offers an individual an edge over their competitors. 

Interestingly, after completing the post-graduation degree, students can apply for a Ph.D. programme to advance their academic careers.

4. An opportunity to improve the world

Chemistry is that part of science that can impact human lives and make life easier. Developing new chemicals, materials, and medicines is a gratifying job. Chemists develop products suitable for humans and the natural environment.

5. Chemistry is everywhere

Everything we hear, smell, see, and touch involves chemicals. Moreover, touching, hearing, tasting, and seeing all activities include chemical reactions and interactions in the human body. Chemistry is more than just beakers and laboratories. Instead, it is around us, and chemists study the combination of basic elements to make something unique. 

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