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Criteria for Choosing a Site Executor on CMS Magento

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It is no coincidence that CMS Magento is one of the most popular platforms for creating websites for most of the largest companies in the world today. This CMS is used by corporations such as Nestle, Ford, Renault and many others.

Magento has existed since 2007 and today it occupies a leading position in all CMS in the world. First of all, it owes its popularity to the flexibility and compatibility of CMS with other software and programs. On Magento CMS, you can create websites with individual design, functionality, structure and a wide selection of plugins and modules.

The platform allows you to create websites with an individual appearance that are completely different from each other.

Website security and reliability is the hallmark of CMS Magento. For more than 15 years of existence of the platform, site stability has been brought to the best performance to date. Web resources developed on Magento are highly resistant to a large number of users on the site at a time. Therefore, this CMS is best suited for deploying large online stores with a large number of products or marketplaces for a thousand sellers.

CMS Magento consistently tests the system and maintains high performance. Recently, a new version of Magento 2 has been released, which is the main one for today. At the moment this is the fastest version of this CMS.

If you already have a Magento website and want to improve its speed and performance, then the fastest and most affordable way is to use magento speed optimization services.

Having such a flexible and at the same time rich in unique solutions platform for creating websites, working with Magento CMS will require highly skilled labor. Fortunately, there are many Magento specialists, but finding the right one for your project still remains a difficult task.

Understanding the importance of choosing the right supplier, we have selected the 7 most important criteria in choosing a contractor or developer on Magento CMS:

Experience with CMS Magento

In order for a specialist to be able to set up and develop sites on Magento, it is not enough to have experience with alternative CMS. Magento has a lot of provided functionality and ready-made solutions. Only after 3-5 years of experience, a specialist will be able to navigate them well and do website development as efficiently as possible.

Availability of official certificates from Magento

The most objective assessment of a specialist’s knowledge is official certificates from Magento. Only having a certificate can a specialist be considered qualified in matters of this CMS system and he can be allowed to develop a site.

There are 3 types of such certificates

Adobe Commerce Professional Developer Certification

With this certificate, a specialist can be admitted to improve the user interface and the administrator interface. It is also allowed to work with Magento functionality and template settings, change the directory structure and the ordering procedure.

Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer Expert Certification

Such a specialist can work with Magento themes and templates. It is the task of working with the design and layout of the site. The specialist is well versed in layout, CSS and HTML markup languages. Knowledge of JavaScript is also required.

Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert Certification

Such a specialist perfectly knows the entire Magento 2 platform. He knows how to implement the task with the help of Magento technologies and avoid mistakes and risks of wasting time and money. Before starting development, the company must coordinate its strategy with him.

Competent execution of the contract between the client company and the contractor company

Cooperation with a Magento site contractor requires a detailed study of all development stages and potential risks. All ways of resolving conflicts, missed deadlines and discrepancy between the result and the tasks set must be specified in the contract. It is important to clearly indicate the ownership of the site and all its modules in the contract. And also you need to write down the issue of site maintenance, on what conditions it will be done and what should be the end result.

Availability of testing and bug fixes

A team of specialists or a digital agency must provide a testing service. Any developed functionality must go through a multi-stage preparation for release: compatibility testing, performance testing, security testing and heavy load testing.

Site maintenance and support service

The presence of good conditions for maintaining the site is a decisive factor in working with the company. The team should be ready at any time to correct the error that has appeared or prompt in resolving emerging issues.

Determining deadlines

All deadlines must be specified in the contract, and the costs for their failure must be borne solely by the contractor.

Website marketing management

The company must also provide partial or full support in the marketing of the site. This testifies to the professionalism of the digital agency in the approach to creating a website, because. Marketing is the backbone of any E-Commerce project.

These requirements are not overly complex for good Magento agencies. But, unfortunately, everyone can boast of the execution of each item.In the process of negotiations with the contractor, presentations of site sketches or personal meetings, you can understand how the company meets these criteria. However, you can turn to trusted contractors who have dozens of successful projects with world-famous companies behind them. You can go to one of these companies for ecommerce 2 development.

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