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Famous Personalities and Their Favorite Watches

Hublot watch

Is a watch only a mechanism for telling time, or is it something much bigger? While telling the date and time are utilitarian purposes of a watch in today’s technology world, they’ve also been wardrobe mainstays, collecting goods, valued family heirlooms, and status symbols for generations. Celebrities are the best people to testify to prestige.

Celebrities help establish the patterns that make us drool, from celebrated artists to actors, musicians, businessmen, legislators, and Social media stars. While luxury watchmakers are constantly inventing behind the scenes, they tend to have a tried-and-true line of timeless mainstays that have graced the wrists of celebrities for centuries. Here are a few of the famous people and the watch they love to wear.

Usain Bolt – Hublot Big Bang

The Hublot Big Bang is one of the brand’s most recognized series, as seen on the wrists of Olympian Usain Bolt. This 301.SB.131.RX model includes a black carbon fiber pattern dial with luminous skeleton hands, stainless steel case, and black rubber strap, and was first introduced in 2005. It’s water-resistant to 330 feet and has an athletic but ultra-luxe feel, so it’s no surprise that Bolt, the world’s fastest man, would wear this Hublot watch with his gold medals.

John Mayer – Patek Philippe Aquanaut

For a watch like this, many enthusiasts would take the Last Train Home. A watch collection shouldn’t count, but it does, particularly if you can afford an athletic Patek Aquanaut like John Mayer’s. The new perspective of uber-casual luxury watches like the Aquanaut has recently awoken watch fans with unlimited pockets, such as those at the Sun Valley conference. Extended waitlists for Patek models like the Nautilus and Aquanaut have become the norm, prompting prospective purchasers to inquire, “Why You No Love Me?” to their wristwatch dealers.

Henry Golding – Patek Philippe Nautilus

A dynamic Patek Philippe is a terrific choice whether you’re toasting a new record like John Mayer or advertising your new G.I. Joe movie Snake Eyes like Henry Golding. The Nautilus arises because of Golding’s upgraded Errand-Running look—black pants, black sunglasses, black shirt. The Nautilus is the beginning and end of a list of watches worth about $30k at retail that would look good on Golding’s wrist.

Jeff Bezos – Omega Moonwatch

Bezos’ choice of watch for space travel could not have been more accurate. The only watch authorized for NASA flight is the Omega Speedmaster, also known as the Moonwatch. It was, of course, the watch that Bezos and his crew donned on the first manned mission of his private space enterprise, Blue Origin. In Bezos’ situation, the Moonwatch would be better described as the Barely-Passing-the-Boundary-Into-Space wristwatch. Bezos even acquired special straps with the company’s emblem to commemorate the occasion—another luxury he expects Amazon staff and customers are ready to pay for.

M. Night Shyamalan – IWC Portugieser Chronograph

Wouldn’t you desire a perfect timing device if you were stranded on a beach where every 30 minutes is the equal of an entire year—as Shyamalan’s new film Old suggests— Shyamalan is always ready to be sucked into one of his terrifying tales when he wears this IWC Chronograph wristwatch.

Lady Gaga – Tudor Black Bay

Lady Gaga is a fashionista, whether you like her or not, and her wrist is no exception. “Lady Gaga might be wearing three or four timepieces on one wrist,” according to Tudor. When she only carries one watch, it’s the Black Bay 32.” If you want to wear the same watch as Lady Gaga, check out this version of the Tudor Black Bay 32. It’s an unworn, unopened stainless steel watch with a 32mm case, black dial, with circle and sticks dial markers. This watch is water-resistant to 495 feet and comes with a 5-year warranty from the seller.

Michelle Obama – Cartier Tank Francaise

Fifth Harmony was presumably conscious that the hand carrying Michelle Obama’s purse was also wearing a Cartier Tank Francaise watch when they sang “Michelle Obama, purse so heavy gettin’ Oprah dollars.” This classic watch features a butterfly clasp and a white dial, as well as its original box and papers. It also comes with a one-year warranty from the vendor, which acts as its hidden service.

John Legend – Bulgari Octo Roma

John Legend is exactly what he says he is: a legend. His watch collection is impressive as well. The Bulgari Octo Roma, which he wore to the Academy Awards in 2016, is among his favorites. This 41mm watch stands out from the crowd with its magnificent white face, black alligator band, and octagonal shape.

Brad Pitt – Breitling Premier B01 Chronograph 42 Norton

Brad Pitt is a major Breitling fan, so much so that he agreed to become a brand ambassador. Consider getting this Breitling Premier B01 42 Norton Edition watch if you want your wrist to have a lot of Brad Pitt enthusiasm. This stainless steel watch with a striking black dial, brown leather band, and contrasting yellow-gold hands is offered by the well-known brand.

Nicole Kidman – Omega Constellation

The Omega Constellation is a legendary watch that has been worn by a slew of celebrities, including actors, musicians, politicians, and others. Nicole Kidman, an Academy Award winner and Omega ambassador, is one of those remarkable women. This watch features a gorgeous stainless steel version of the Omega classic in a 27mm case. This watch will stop people in their tracks with its stainless steel case and mother of pearl dial, and with diamonds on the dial and bezel, as well as the Omega insignia strewn throughout, it will make your wrist sparkle.

Pierce Brosnan – Cartier Panthere

The Cartier Panthere is a gorgeous watch that is both powerful and compact. From political parties with world leaders to award show red carpets, it holds itself. While the men’s version has been spotted on celebrities such as Pierce Brosnan, the women’s version has a sizable fan base. With this gorgeous 18k yellow and steel gold Panthere, you can enter the ranks or give entry as a gift. This magnificent timepiece demonstrates that you don’t have to be a monarchy to dazzle like it.


So did your idols impress you with their amazing preference in timepieces? With the success and prominence, these people gain due to their hard work and excellence, seeing them with the world’s most luxurious watches is not a big deal. Moreover, these timepieces somehow demonstrate how renowned, accomplished, and productive their life is.

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