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Recently, Dota 2 tournaments have not stopped, and there is plenty of news about them. It is better to follow the eSport live score results only on the verified portal that provides the latest information. This allows you to get important information if you can’t watch streams.

The most interesting tournament of Dota 2 Champions League has ended, and the Kazakh team V-Gaming has won the grand finale. Its rivals, HellRaisers, started the match actively but then lost the initiative, losing with a crushing score of 0:3. The main prize of 25 thousand dollars went to Kazakhstan, while the rivals of V-Gaming will receive only 10 thousand. It’s very likely that both teams will participate in the popular Dota 2 eSport tournament called The International 10, so you should follow the livescores so as not to miss anything interesting. The challenger has a prize pool of over 40 million dollars, so the fight will be tough.

As for the results of the latest Champions League tournament, the best teams of the group stage were:

  • V-Gaming;
  • Team Empire;
  • Nemiga Gaming.

In the Dota 2 rank team the HellRaisers took only the 6th place but managed to reach the grand finale. The result, of course, was not encouraging, but the team should be praised for their activity and good playing in the playoffs.

B8 eSports brought another surprise, as they advanced to the final round from the fifth place but fought and claimed the third place. The unpredictability of such tournaments is the main feature of the popular game. Therefore, in Dota 2, the rank of a team is not always of the greatest importance. The main thing is to secure a place that will allow them to play in the playoffs.

Which Dota 2 Premier Tournaments have been the most exciting this year?

The largest challenger The International 10 will take place very soon, and it is worth remembering which championships were held at the highest level this year. Dota 2 Premier Tournaments are held frequently, so you always need to follow their news and results. The most popular championships this year were:

  • ESL One Fall;
  • ESL One Summer;
  • WePlay AniMajor.

These are just a few of the numerous excellent Dota2 Premier Tournaments. ESL championships always attract attention, but other organizations are trying to enter the industry too, offering not only excellent conditions but also large prize money. Recently, many interesting tournaments have been organized by WePlay! Dota 2 fans will especially like games of the major but in Division 1 and 2 the fights are no less tough. In order not to miss important matches, it is worth visiting the verified statistics and video streaming site, which provides information on various esports competitions.

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