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How Adding a Watermark to PDF Improves File Security

how to remove watermark from pdf

Office workers and students alike are well aware that it is crucial to keep your private documents safe from prying eyes. In the past, it may have been sufficient to use PDF software for this. But lately, you may have heard of how data thieves have easily snatched content from legitimate owners. This means PDF owners may need more than just software – they need to add watermarks to their documents too.  

Who Benefits From PDF Watermarks?

The truth is anyone who has ever needed to make a document already knows how easy it is to steal information. Even if you encode your name on each page of the document, you will still need to add watermark to pdf online to ensure you retain ownership over the content. It’s like labeling each page but in a way that it looks natural and classy.

People who work in offices may use watermarks to show that the PDF is their personal property or the property of the company or organization they work for. Students may also rely on watermarks to differentiate their school requirements from that of other students. The point of using a watermark is so your rights as the owner of the document are protected.

Can Watermarks Be Removed from Your PDFs?

The truth is, yes, a watermark can be removed from a PDF through some online tools. It’s possible to completely remove a watermark and replace it with a new watermark. One way to take out the watermark is through Adobe Acrobat Pro. This will require time though, so not everyone opts to learn the software to remove watermarks.

This means if you are in a hurry to print or send your document, you have the option of adding a watermark before you submit it to the recipient. That’s where comes in. This website is a cloud service that you can rely on to add your watermark in seconds. You don’t have to worry in the near term about keeping ownership over a document.

Why It Is Important To Add a Watermark to Your PDFs

In the white-collar world, the prime commodity sold most often is knowledge, also known as information. You are hired for a white-collar job to offer the ability that is inside your head to the client. If you have very interesting and useful knowledge, you can bet that many people would like to know what you know. And that paves the way to identity theft and plagiarism.

Time is of the essence in the white-collar world. Since data theft is so easy nowadays to commit, you will need to race against the clock. You have to make sure the client receives confidential information right away before others have thought of what you thought of. Yes, timeliness is vital. 

So, adding a watermark may be seen as adding one more layer of encryption. It will take a data thief that much longer to figure out how to extract your data from a stolen document. This gives you and your organization some breathing room so that your private data can be secured and used for your purposes.

Is a Watermark Difficult To Add to a PDF?

A watermark can be easily added to a PDF if you use The website is actually a cloud service in itself. This means that you can access anywhere that you can get a strong Internet signal. Not surprisingly, many people rely on their laptops to tap into an area’s Internet network. But don’t worry – your computer desktop is equally serviceable for this.

With this kind of cloud service, you don’t have to worry whether the website will allow you to use text or image watermarks. accepts both. This makes it a good option if you’re in a hurry and need to add your watermark image immediately before sending it to the recipient. The tool accepts changes in font family, size, and even color for text watermarks too.

You also get to decide the amount of space in the document page that your text or image watermark will occupy. If you’ve seen examples of watermarks before, you may have noticed that some watermarks occupy a huge chunk of space. This is usually intentional so that a data thief won’t be able to pass off a document as his own easily. It’s a hassle to remove such watermarks.

Another reason the watermark tool is so easy to use is that you can use any operating system on your laptop or desktop. So, anyone using a Mac, Windows, or Linux operating system won’t have to download a new operating system just for adding watermarks. This kind of flexibility makes it effortless to add a watermark using

One fascinating fact about is that it is accessible with many devices. No, you don’t have to use just a laptop or desktop to access (unless the file needed is stored in your computer, though). This makes it a boon to people on a budget or who need to send files from a hand-held device right away. As long as you have Internet access, that’s sufficient.

Avail of Other Tools

While you’re on the website, you may notice that there are multiple tools available. These tools are compatible with your PDF both before and after adding a watermark. So while you are waiting for your watermark to be processed, glance through the different tool categories and see if they suit your purposes.


There will be many opportunities for you to access nowadays. And one reason for that is to use the add watermark to PDF tool. This tool is a handy and timely invention that will make it less worrisome to secure your private and top-secret PDFs.

If you really need to send your vital information right away, is here to help. So don’t hesitate – just go to today.

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