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Mauro Zarate’s Failure at Queens Park Rangers

mauro zarate

Almost every Premier League club has had unsuccessful and questionable signings in its history. Even the outsiders are no exception. By the way, you can watch football today with the participation of all clubs in England on the site of sports statistics.

Mauro Zarate’s move to QPR is considered one of them. It happened in January 2015, when the club was just struggling to retain its place in the Premier League. It seemed that the invitation of the Argentine forward would help solve this problem. There was never any doubt about Zarate’s ability. However, the player failed to realise his potential in his previous clubs due to his questionable decisions off the field.

He also failed at QPR. The Argentine played just four games in the EPL in six months. In them, he did not distinguish himself by his effective actions. His club finished 20th in the standings and relegated to the Championship according as a result. The striker’s poor play was one of the reasons for that.

By the way, if you are interested in football matches involving QPR even today, you can follow them on the proven platform. All the team’s matches are covered here. QPR decided not to sign the Argentine on the permanent basis, so he returned to “West Ham”, and after that he continued to constantly change teams. Zarate did not stay anywhere for long.

Reasons for the failure of the Argentine forward

The Argentinean was very dependent on his mood. When he wanted to, he gave brilliant performances. However, at “QPR” his motivation was at zero. That’s why the player looked a pale shadow of himself. By the way, if you suddenly missed this club’s yesterday livescore  then look for the latest data on the sports statistics website.

So, going back to Zarate, it is possible to note the main reasons for his unsuccessful game:

  1. Lack of understanding with teammates. Mauro felt alienated in the team. There was a lot of errors and insecurity in his actions because of this.
  2. The overall decline of the team. They played badly, and the Argentine alone could not change the situation for the better.
  3. Injuries. Mauro missed several matches due to health issues, and he could not then show his strongest qualities for a month.

As a result, he did not help “QPR” at all, and the team finished in last place in the standings.

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As for Zarate, he still occasionally gave bright individual performances, but it was more and more difficult to count on him as a stable base player in the long run.

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