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One Bedroom House Plans

One Bedroom House Plans

One-bedroom house plans give you many options with minimal square footage. It works well for a starter home, vacation cottages, rental units, studios, or even in-law cottages.

1 bedroom house plans are designed as guest houses, retirement homestead accessory dwelling units.


For many people, it can be challenging to determine whether or not they want one or two bedrooms in their home. Mostly if you are facing retirement, or you are a homeowner who is just starting out, you are probably looking at a lot of different options for your home.

The following are the benefits and the reasons for you to choose one bedroom house plans.

  1. They are cheap/budget friendly-One of the main draw of one bedroom plans is that they are more affordable because they are typically smaller and have fewer bathrooms. The smaller the square footage needed, the less the home will cost. The less the home will cost allows you to save a lot of money on your retirement.

A simple one-bedroom house plan will cost less to heat and cool and will require less electricity. Also, you will need less furniture and appliances in the house. In general, the smaller the home, the less the cost will be.

b) Less to clean and furnish-Less square footage means less to clean and fewer rooms to furnish. You will have free time to enjoy your home rather than cleaning it.

c) Easier to maintain-Having a smaller home allows for less maintenance which saves time and money. It has small square footage which means the house maintenance will be a lot more manageable.

d) No excess space that is wasted-When you build one-bedroom house plans, you are getting just enough house for what you need. There would not be a lot of excess space, so you do not need to spend more money on unused home areas.

e) A small environmental impact-Each home build causes an impact on the environment and the smaller the home, the less of an impact it takes.

f) Better locations-If a big house in a prime location is out of your budget, then you consider a smaller home. If the location is perfect for your lifestyle, you should consider having simple one-bedroom house plans.

g) Safer for pets and children-One bedroom house plans are safer for children than a home with multiple stories. This is because stairs can be dangerous for young children and babies, as well as smaller pets.


One best-recommended feature of one bedroom houses is an open floor plan. Open floor plans work well with one-bedroom houses. Since fewer rooms can save money when purchasing materials for the construction of partition walls. One bedroom can make a one-bedroom house feel bigger.

Patios, porches, and decks are other possible features in one bedroom house plans because it makes maximum use of limited space. They turn to the outdoors for more living space.

Lofts are also another feature of one-bedroom houses. Especially situated to A-frames and cottages, lofts make maximum use of limited space. They contribute to the feeling of openness and spaciousness.


One-bedroom house plans are used to build houses that are useful to a wide variety of residents.

The majority of people who live in simple one-bedroom houses are great first homes for young people. Simple one-bedroom houses are also perfect for vacation homes. If you want a studio or home office, a simple one-bedroom house plan could provide the perfect solution.

A simple one-bedroom may turn into a rental unit if you have a small lot that you would like to turn into a source of income instead of just being a tax burden.


Houses that are built from one-bedroom house plans are appealing and useful for people in many different situations. They are ideal for people with mobility problems, so there is no stair climbing.

The household with small children, who might fall down the stairs, so they prefer one bedroom house plans. If you are building from a one-bedroom house floor plan, the same benefits apply.

The one-bedroom house plan lends itself to several different types of styles like a cottage style for making a cozy home for yourself and your household. You can also build a cabin with a one-bedroom house plan.


a) No privacy and peace-One bedroom house plans are designed in such a manner that a couple cannot maintain their privacy if they have offspring running around. This includes the fact that they are disturbed by their teenage children listening to music or watching Television at night. The same goes or applies to parents when visiting their children, one’s privacy will be affected.

b) You get hindered by the arrival of guests-By using a one-bedroom house design, your privacy is compromised if you have a guest due to open space room design. This includes the fact that the guest will be disturbed and also it will lack privacy, the same goes for parents and children living in the house.

c) Lack of more room and walls gives lack of storage-In one bedroom house plans lack of more rooms for storing items is a challenge, therefore if you want it open, you have to secede cabinet and pantry space too.

d) Safety-If a fire outbreak happens in a one-bedroom house, the fire can spread easily in seconds hence it will be hard to control it.

In conclusion, if you are considering retiring to a smaller home or you have a small family and you don’t want a lot of extra space, consider 24×24 one-bedroom room house plans for a new home build and you will still get all creature comforts you want without having a ton of extra space and use a lot of money that might be a big challenge to you.

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