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Reviving the Popularity of Tissot Pocket Watches

tissot watches

For those who are relatively young, you might be finding it difficult to find brands that still make pocket watches. It may seem that pocket watches are a remnant of a forgotten time when chivalry was common, and men were still gentlemen. However, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that one company still makes high-quality pocket watches – and that company is Tissot.

Tissot Still Makes Pocket Watches

Tissot makes pocket watches because there are still some people who like these kinds of Tissot Watches. Because of the Internet, you may visit the official website of the watchmaker and see the various models of pocket watches they are selling. And since the Internet is a democratic space, anyone who has the funds can visit the website and browse through the collection.

Since many people are not familiar with the beauty of pocket watches, you can take this opportunity to surprise someone with a pocket watch from Tissot. No, you don’t have to buy one for yourself unless you want to. Tissot pocket watches make for good gifts that you can readily give a friend or family member, knowing that the timepiece will last a long time.

Tissot Pendant 1878 160th Anniversary Mechanical Pocket Watch

Tissot is riding on the renewed popularity of pocket watches by offering a Limited Edition series. This particular Limited Edition only has 160 copies. The company first sold it in Russia in 1878. Nowadays, this series is designed as a ladies’ watch, but men may also opt to buy this type of pocket watch.

This timepiece of the Heritage collection is now described as a “pendant watch” with a double opening. One side opens up to show the engraved message, while the other side features the timekeeping face. It is made more valuable by the 7-diamond setting and the use of 18 karat gold for the case and detailing.

Because it is such a valuable timepiece for the ladies, Tissot gives buyers a 2-year warranty for this particular watch model. This mechanical watch has a 42-hour power reserve as well.

Tissot Bridgeport Mechanical Skeleton Pocket Watch

This is another example of a pocket watch with a historical heritage to live up to. The watch face displays the watch’s inner workings, such as the gears that are constantly running the timepiece. The watch is fitted with 17 jewels, making it quite valuable while imparting a sense of class as well.

It boasts of a Swiss mechanical movement and a 46-hour power reserve. That way, you won’t have to bother with its power needs immediately. It is water-resistant down to a depth of 30 meters (or 100 feet). Like the previously mentioned timepiece, this pocket watch has a 2-year warranty as well.

The transparent case-back lets you see the watch busily at work, keeping time for you. The case itself is made from stainless steel, making it a beauty to behold even from afar. In keeping with the grey silver features, the watch is fitted with silver dials as well.

Tissot Double Savonette Mechanical Pocket Watch

This pocket watch model from the T-Pocket collection is another example of fine craftsmanship by Tissot. The front of the watch covers the timekeeping face, but the back also opens. It is fitted with 17 jewels, Hesalite crystal, and Mineral crystal as well.

Tissot offers a two-year warranty for this watch model. A Swiss mechanical movement powers it. The brass case is plated with palladium, while the dials are silver. You don’t have to worry about its energy often since it is designed to maintain a 46-hour power reserve.

Tissot Lepine Pocket Watch

This pocket watch model is minimalistic in design which helps differentiate it from the other pocket watches in the T-Pocket collection. But another way it stands out is that a Renata 371 battery powers it. You will know that you need to bring it to a Tissot service center for a battery change when its battery end-of-life (EOL) indicator says so. 

It has a 2-year warranty and relies on Swiss quartz movement. The dials are white, while the brass case is chromium-plated.

The Tissot Quality Checks

You might not know this, but these pocket watches undergo a series of tests. Tissot is particularly concerned about the water-resistant feature, but it also tests for the possible entry of dust and gas. There is also the pressure and resistance test. With these kinds of tests, it isn’t surprising that Tissot can confidently offer a two-year warranty for such luxury watches.

How to Find a Service Center for Your Pocket Watch

If you encounter a problem with your Tissot pocket watch, it makes sense to look for a certified Tissot service center. The best way to do that is to visit the official Tissot website then look for their “Find Our Service Center” button. Not only can you find an accredited Tissot service center this way, but you can also look for authorized Tissot retailers around the world at a related link.

The good news is that Tissot is a global brand. This means that there are many authentic stores worldwide, so there may be one in your country of residence or country of origin. If there is a particular watch model you are presently having trouble finding online, you can check with your local Tissot retailer if they are selling it.

It is advisable to buy only genuine Tissot watches because a fake Tissot won’t have an international warranty. That means authorized Tissot retailers and service centers cannot accept your bogus watch to offer a refund or repair it. If you want the best, you need to find accredited retailers and service centers only.


As you can see, Tissot pocket watches are works of art born out of genius minds in watchmaking. If you would like to see more of these kinds of pocket watches, you may visit the Tissot website today and its authorized retailers as well. Buy genuine Tissot watches now so you can experience precision timekeeping with these luxury timepieces.

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