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Sending Files? Convert Your Word to PDF using PDFBear

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Are you rushing for a deadline? Wait a minute! Before you send your documents, you have to make sure that they retain their document formatting. This way, whoever receives your work doesn’t see a messed-up file. Make the document secure and easy to download to ensure confidentiality and save time without the possible download issues.

Your Word documents can’t achieve those mentioned because a lot of factors are in play. From the software differences, operating systems, fonts, and many more, expect that something might go awry along the way. Take a look at this method to make your work easier in the future. Here’s how to convert Word to PDF and why you must do so.

Converting Word to PDF with PDFBear

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. Converting DOCX to PDF with a powerful tool like PDFBear’s Word to PDF converter is the answer to your document sharing issues. All you have to do is to go to its website and use its services! You can do so without paying any cost, and you even get to experience a convenient file conversion due to its user-friendly interface.

Employing the 256-bit SSL encryption technique, a beyond-standard online security measure, you can expect that your experience with the converter would be safe throughout. Regardless of whichever device you use, you can access PDFBear’s Word to PDF converter due to its universal platform compatibility. Do this in as fast as two minutes by following the steps below.

  1. Upload your file to the converter.
  2. PDFBear’s converter will scan your Word document automatically.
  3. Simply wait for the process to finish.
  4. Once everything is done, you can download and save your PDF fresh from the conversion tool.

Preserving Document Formatting

One of the reasons why you must proceed with the conversion is that PDFs can preserve document formatting. PDF files remain precisely the same, or more simply, identical, across devices. It turns out that they act as images of your files’ contents, appearing as though you have printed physical copies of them.

Every element in your document stays in place even when your recipient uses a different PDF reader on a different operating system on another computer. Moreover, mobile devices support PDFs as well. They are worlds apart from Word documents that change depending on the software version, word processor, and things alongside. 

In various contexts, maintaining your file’s document formatting makes it easy for other people to read the contents without furrowing their brows. Graphic integrity also helps gain their trust towards the files, as they can be assured that nothing gets modified without their knowledge. You can also precisely deliver information and rule out the possibility of errors. 

Password Protection

PDFs provide excellent security as well. It is widely agreed upon that this file format is relatively the most secure among others. It is as such due to its capability of password protection. Employing this feature of PDFs undoubtedly pushes the notch up in terms of security. These passwords come in two types, and each may allow you several levels of control.

The first type is the user password, whose primary use is to open your PDFs. On the other hand, if you want to restrict other people from printing, sharing, editing, and doing other actions towards your documents, using another type, the master or permissions password, is the right thing to do.

The ability to protect your PDFs with passwords is useful, especially when dealing with sensitive information. Ensuring that only you and whomever you share the password with gets to access your file is necessary to prevent leaks. This way, you can maintain the confidentiality of the data you are handling.


Most document sharing problems arise when attaching files to emails and messages. Mainstream communication tools have a predetermined file size restriction, and generally, they can only handle a small number of megabytes. This situation makes it difficult for numerous individuals to send their work, which may be large.

Attempting to upload huge files can result in corrupted and damaged files too. Such a thing can happen due to connection timeouts, bandwidth limits, etc. Your recipient may also face similar problems, and it could undoubtedly slow down your progress. Fortunately, PDFs can solve this problem. 

You can compress PDFs to reduce their file size while maintaining their quality. As a result, you can attach them to your emails and messages more manageably. From another perspective, it also makes downloading the file easier for your recipient. Such a case can result in faster collaboration and more work done!

Convenience and Availability

To put a cherry on top of the previous benefits you can gain by converting Word to PDF, you should know that PDFs are very common and can be found anywhere. This file format is such an excellent one for its features, so most people use it. It would be completely fine to send your documents in PDF, so proceed without worries.

They don’t require unique software applications, and even your browser might be able to open them. That is indeed the case with modern computer models. This way, you won’t inconvenience your recipient to download a specific word processor just to read what you sent them. It is convenient for both of you!

Moreover, PDFs are so easy to create. When you are finished with your document, you can just go to PDFBear’s Word to PDF converter, interact with its user-friendly interface, and wait for your newly converted file. There are no complicated processes involved, and you can gain many advantages while at it.


The documents that can hold confidential and crucial information must preserve their privacy and integrity. You can achieve this in one fell swoop by converting Word to PDF. Change the format of your files and gain some advantages. 

So, have you got some documents and are in a hurry to send them? Take a minute or two to visit PDFBear’s Word to PDF converter. Make your document sharing more manageable now and in the future!

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