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The Best Sleeping Posture For You: How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep

best sleeping posture


Sleeping posture is a good indicator to how you spend most waking hours. We spend about one-third of our lives in a horizontal position (i.e, asleep), so it makes sense that our sleeping posture reflects the way we interact with the world all day long. But what does sleeping posture actually look like? And why is it important to understand your correct posture before trying out new sleeping habits?

Importance Of Good Posture

A healthy posture is not just standing tall with confidence. Your posture has many impacts on your well-being. A poor posture even when asleep or lying down could be the reason for a rash of ligament or muscle strain.

Good posture will help you stay in balance as you walk and move. This means having your weight evenly distributed on your toes. Being balanced helps you perform better in everyday activities such as going up and down the stairs or turning around. Good posture can also help to decrease the chance of injury when exercising or playing exercises.

What To Know About Your Sleeping Posture

What does sleeping posture actually look like? And why is it important to understand your correct posture before trying out new sleeping habits? You spend about one-third of your life in the horizontal position (i.e., asleep), so it makes sense that your sleeping posture reflects the way you interact with the world all day long. The best position for a good quality sleep is the one in which you feel most comfortable.

The Connection Between Sleeping Position And Personality

It’s likely that you don’t think too much about what your sleeping position is aside from a desire for the best comfort when you sleep. However, some sleep psychologists and experts have suggested that personality may be a factor in sleep posture and provide some insights into your personality and habits.

Professor and expert on sleep surveyed just over 1,000 adults to find any connections between sleep positions and personality. The results were used to identify connections between typical sleep positions and the traits of a person. Some of his findings

The position of the fetus is prevalent, especially for women. The position is often linked to sensitivity and shyness.

People who lie on one side with their arms extended may be friendly, but a bit cautious. They are also more likely to stay to their decision.

Stomach sleeping with hands raised or on the pillow can be linked to a sociable personality and a distaste for criticism. Also you should use a firm mattress because a firm mattress will support your pressure areas which will help you sleep better.

The connection Between Your Sleeping Position And Health

There’s more evidence linking sleeping position to certain aspects of wellness and health which are in both positive as well as negative ways. Here’s the information you need to know about every sleeping position.

Sleeping On The Side

Experts usually recommend sleeping on your side as it can reduce snoring and aid digestion.

If you lie on your left side, you could experience an increase in the effects of acid reflux and other digestive problems. The position you sleep on keeps your stomach under the esophagus, making it more difficult for the stomach’s acid levels to increase.

The ability to sleep on the side during pregnancy is linked to increased maternal and fetal health. Source, however, it is the side that sleeps on the left preferred in this regard, too. Sleeping on the left side helps reduce heartburn, but it aids in promoting blood flow and reduces tension on the uterus.

The side sleeping method can also assist in relieving lower back pain and improve the alignment of your spine However, you may have trouble sleeping on your side if you suffer from shoulder or neck discomfort.

Stomach Sleeping

Although stomach sleeping can provide certain benefits, trusted Sources treat Obstructive sleep apnea and persistent snoring. However, it places stress on the lower back and neck especially if you sleep on a bed that is soft. The strain could cause your spine to be off-balance and lead to lingering discomfort during the day.

Back on Sleep

Sleeping on your back or stomach may increase the pressure inside your eyes, which is a risk factor for Glaucoma. If you’re prone to skin irritation it is possible that pressing your face against the pillow can cause more breakouts, irritation, or even facial wrinkles when you awake. Reverse to sleep.

While back sleep can provide benefits for anyone of any age, pediatricians advise sleeping infants on their backs to decrease the chance of developing sudden infant deaths syndrome (SIDS) and the back position isn’t always ideal for adults. Sleeping on the back also helps you to get proper spinal alignment.

People suffering from obstructive sleep apnea, an extremely medical condition where the airway repeatedly becomes blocked while sleeping, tend to have more breathing problems when back sleeping. It is because the airway can be more easily blocked when you lying to the side.

And what do you think about back discomfort? Many people suffering from neck or back pain discover that lying back causes more discomfort. For some, sleeping in the back is the only position that provides any relief.


If you’re like most of us, the majority of your time spent sleeping is on your back. And while this position is popular and generally comfortable, it’s not the only option. There are many other comfortable sleeping positions that you may not be aware of! We’ve gathered information about all of them and will share what they are and which ones you might want to try.

It can be so easy to fall into a routine when it comes to sleep habits that we sometimes forget there are other options for a more restful night. When you think about the comfort of your bed and your mattress, you probably think it’s necessary to be on your back. But there are actually several other soothing positions that you can try.

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