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Top Tips for Styling a Nursery

Styling a Nursery

When you are waiting for the arrival of a new baby, one of the most exciting jobs is decorating the nursery. This is a room where you will spend many a night feeding and comforting your little one back to sleep, and it may even hold more of your time than your own bedroom will for a short while. It is a privilege to create this space and see your baby grow into it when they are finally born, and here are some top tips every parent needs to make it both functional and special. 

Don’t be Afraid to Pick a Theme

While lots of trends suggest that neutrality is the way to go, there is nothing wrong with committing to a theme. It could be something classic like Peter Rabbit or Harry Potter, or you might want to go down a more generalized route such as nature or princesses. There is no way at all to tell what your baby will prefer style and genre wise, so it is really just down to you making the space a special one until they grow up enough to tell you what they like and feel. 

Don’t Forget About a Feeding Corner

Babies need milk in the night. Their stomachs are small, and their cries are mighty, after all, and a big part of your job in the early days will be waking up in the night for the essential bedtime feeds. Therefore, having a comfortable space for this is essential for your well-being as well as theirs. You could opt for a traditional armchair, and it would serve you well, but why not consider the benefits of rocking chairs too? They create a natural rhythm whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding and will help you soothe your baby with the additional rocking motion it offers. 

Night Lights are a Must

Soft lighting will create a gentle atmosphere, and has well-being benefits for all ages too. A night light is a thing of comfort for any new baby, and it will help you stay awake when you are back and forth to settle them too. There are lots of accidents to be had while stumbling around in the dark, but anything too bright would create a toxic sleep environment. Stick with soft lighting and opt for a night light of a plug-in wall light to pull the room together. 

Keep the Essentials Close By

Put together a caddy to keep close by your feeding chair or cot for the inevitable nighttime nappy changes. It can have helpful items like new sleepsuits, nappy cream, dummies, nappies and wipes inside so that you don’t have to cause a delay in meeting the baby’s needs or disturb your sleep any more than is necessary. You will thank your future self, and your baby will be happier too. 

Styling a nursery is a personal thing, that is what makes it so special. Preparing for your new baby is a wonderful time in life, and it is only natural to want everything to be perfect. Don’t forget that you need to look after yourself in the mix as well, and make sure the nursery meets both of your needs. 

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