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Trends to Watch in iOS App Development for 2022

ios app development

Apple is always introducing new trends and features, and it has amassed enormous popularity in a very short period of time. Today, top iOS applications surpassed 2 million downloads, while Apple surpassed 1.65 billion active users. And we can see how Apple continues to dominate the market. They stay up with the newest trends and use them to give competitive solutions in order to deliver the finest possible applications to consumers.

As a result, iOS app developers must fulfill ever-increasing customer needs by using the most recent trends and technology and building user-friendly and efficient apps. If you want to stay competitive and provide high-quality apps, you should think about iOS app development trends for 2022.

We reviewed the top eight most recent ios app development that is worth understanding that will make your applications more competitive and attractive in 2022.

iOS App Development Trends in 2022 

Augmented Reality

This is a common technology that works with mobile phones. Its key feature is the ability to examine virtual items in their natural environments. It makes a significant contribution to photography, jewelry, and garment applications. This can be used for playing games or experimenting on various clothing. Building an augmented reality application enhances its chances of getting utilized.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence has significantly altered our use of mobile devices in recent years and will continue to do so. It all began with mobile devices that have human-like voice assistants. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are two such instances. They respond to questions and follow basic directions.

The Rise of 5G

5G refers to the fifth generation of communication technology. It is a network that has taken the globe by storm. The market size of 5G technologies alone is $620 billion by 2030, and it will reach new heights this year. With the increased use of 5G cellphones, more mobile applications will grow stronger and crisper, as will video communication and learning.

It is estimated that by 2022, around 660 million devices will be 5G ready, accounting for 48 percent of all smartphones worldwide.

Development of Cloud Storage

Cloud-based applications are growing in popularity as organizations store more data away from servers. The creation of an iOS app with cloud-based functionality is beneficial for automatically backing up crucial data from a user’s phone. Apps are always being improved, particularly for Apple’s cloud service, which is one of the most favorable iOS app development trends.

Creating cloud-based iOS apps will improve corporate visibility, security, and data storage. As a consequence, these applications will automatically back up all important information and transmit resource-intensive operations to the cloud, freeing up additional storage space on the device.

Increased Use of Chatbots

Chatbots assist in simulating a discussion with users in natural language, which consumers will experience while conversing with people. Even bots can respond to users very instantaneously.

As Siri knows what people are looking for and saying, Apple’s personal assistant Siri has acquired international acclaim, ushering in a dramatic shift in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and contextual learning. Siri provides consumers with smart search.

Applications for Foldable Devices

Foldable handsets are now just a small portion of the smartphone sharing market, but that is expected to grow in the coming years. Statista predicts that 50 million gadgets will be delivered by 2022. So, while you design your mobile app development approach, keep foldable devices in mind as well.

Swift 5 and Cross-Platform Apps

Apple Swift is regarded as one of the greatest leading programming languages, and its popularity is growing quickly. More than a thousand apps are now being developed in Swift and are available on the App Store. Swift is a programming language that developers like because of its inherent advantages such as security, scalability, and simplicity. It has a bright future without a doubt.


Since we have worked with technology, the security problem has remained critical. Personal information might be stolen or lost. Hackers are becoming more ferocious and sophisticated. With this in mind, Apple developed App Transport Security for all newly released iOS apps.


As you can see, there are several iOS app development trends that have the potential to significantly impact the business. To build a more interesting and secure user experience, iOS developers must leverage increasingly modern technology.

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