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Vocabulary Building for High School Students


Vocabulary is the heart of a language- it helps a person read, write, listen, speak and comprehend the English language if they use English vocabulary. According to a study conducted in 2012 by Meredith row, language usage is necessary between the ages of 12 and 24. Parents, institutions, and the social world around them play a role in modeling the words they use, their frequency, and how likely they are to adapt to any particular vocabulary style.

In the early stages of a child’s life, between 20 to 36 months, parents use a variety of tones and language styles to familiarize their children with the language. Once they learn to speak, they can learn quality words in kindergarten and middle school. By the time they reach high school, they must have good engagement skills and a wide vocabulary to understand and put down concepts as answers.

Practicing vocabulary-related activities is easy for the school information management system till the middle school level. High school students have priority-based classes and stress more on the specialization of subjects, rather than the basics. However, vocabulary is still one of the most important parts of their life that can contribute to their academic and personal life success.

Why does vocabulary matter?

In the past few years, institutions have started adapting modern methods of learning in their schools and colleges. The importance of vocabulary skills has increased, and students must be fluent because;

It is important for language development

Language development is the base for intellectual development too. Children who have a rich vocabulary are also deep thinkers. they have great literacy skills and tend to be more successful academically.

Students can communicate ideas

Successful communication occurs when students can speak their minds and give their ideas or thoughts meaning through words. This is on one end only, the other student should also have a good vocabulary base to understand what is being said.

A free form of expression

Having a good knowledge of quality words, all differentiated enables a child to write what they want effectively. They can switch between formal and informal tones to express themselves in conversational language or use richer words to stress the importance of what they write.

It improves reading and comprehension skills

Besides being good at reading, students must be able to understand what they read. Simultaneously reading and understanding improve their information retention capacity, helping them remember more and write better answers in their exams.

Gives occupational success

According to researcher Johnson O’Connor, a person with good vocabulary skills has guaranteed occupational success in the future. Especially for students venturing into the world of business, having a good set of vocabulary is important.

Activities promoting vocabulary

Here are some fun activities that high school students can participate in for improving their vocabulary in the English language;

Hot seat

Seat a student facing the class, with their back on the blackboard. Another student should take up the responsibility of writing unique vocabulary words, while the seated student faces the classroom and has no idea about the words. Every other child who can see the world should take turns explaining what it might be without actually saying the word, and the person in the hot seat has to recognize it.

This is a good way to learn words through the expression of thought.

Illustrated vocabulary

Flash card is a common way to learn many things, not just vocabulary. However, the game has become too old now, following the attendance management software recording a low number of students whenever this game is arranged. To spice it up, teachers can allow students to illustrate or use any other art form to describe a word and its meaning. they can create a picture to represent the word while others have to guess what it is.

Illustrated vocabulary works in many ways, adding to refreshment hours for students where they learn from each other and gear up for important classes. It can also be played in online sessions through the screen.

High school is difficult since the shift in the syllabus is huge. They must maintain the quality of learning while participating in various school activities. Fun games that allow them to learn other things are the best solution.

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