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Vogue’s Choice: 7 Luxury Watch Brands You Must Check Out

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If there is anything so fast-changing and unpredictable in the world, it might be fashion. If you are fashion-savvy, you might be interested in recent trends. One thing, scrunchies and mom jeans are out—the next moment, they are totally in! The same thing also applies to luxury watches. In fact, luxury watch trends are quite tricky because some pieces are classics and traditional yet are still trendy! What do you call the bible of the relevant fashion trends? It is Vogue. Today we will help with that luxury watch confusion by telling you about the most reliable luxury watch brands today, according to Vogue.

Nomos Glashütte

What better way to start this list than to talk about one of the esteemed German brands at par with Swiss watch brands—brands that everyone thought of as the golden standard when it comes to luxury watch brands. What others may not know is that German watch brands, one of which is Nomos Glashütte, have been making rounds in the praises of watch connoisseurs. What Vogue loved about this brand is how fab its minimalist designs are. Their “clean and crisp” design seems to be what everyone knows about Nomos Glashütte. However, you must not underestimate its minimalist design because it is great with speaking volumes for your outfit. It is an elegant accessory that will not overpower your outfit.

For Nomos Glashütte, Vogue recommended the limited-edition Nomos Glashütte Ludwig Neomatik 39, ref. no. 250 with an automatic movement. This 38.5mm watch is a steel and leather watch. The next that they recommend is the Nomos Glashütte Club Sport Neomatik 42 date black watch.


This luxury watch brand rich in heritage also enters Vogue’s list of the best watch brands to check out. Longines has been around not only for a hundred years but also for two strong years! Longines has been one of the watch brands which brought wristwatches to their rightful place. While they carry a long history of tradition as an anchor, they make sure that they stay close in touch with the rising trends and innovations to boost their craftsmanship further.

For Longines, it is the ladies’ special day because Vogue picked two ladies’ watches from the brand. Vogue picked the Longines Dolcevita 28.2 millimeter and the Longines Elegant 25 millimeter that both ladies watch. 


Of course, one of the top brands in the fashion industry would not want to miss the party for luxury watch brands. This fashion brand not only showcases its excellence with clothing but also proves to everyone that it has what it takes to also compete with exclusive luxury watch brands. Their watches have made it to the hall of fame of watches. One of these watches is the J12 model watch, which is best for those who have a knack for sports and fashion in one. Another thing Vogue loved about Chanel is their classy Boyfriend watch.


Aside from Chanel, the famous leather goods brand, Hermès also merges fashion and style and expert watchmaking with their creations. Every socialite, celebrities, and fashionistas just love Hermès and their elegant bags, classy loafers, and more! What some may not know is that they also have just as fancy luxury watches to spare! They have been creating watches since 1912! Where else will you entrust the leather straps on your watch other than one of the best leather goods providers?

What the fashion magazine loved about Hermès is their Hermès Timepieces Nantucket. This 17-mm watch is made of 18-karat rose gold with a mother-of-pearl dial. Vogue also recommends that you check out the 29mm Hermès Cape Cod stainless-steel watch with a leather strap.


Omega is one of the luxury watch brands that truly compete to be on top. If you will read more about it, you will find that it has bagged lots of feats and accolades up its sleeve. You can consider this brand to be one of the go-to luxury watches of celebrities, personalities, and socialites. You might have even seen an Omega watch on screen. Our popular secret agent, James Bond, even wears Omega watches, as seen in the recent Bond film.

Vogue mentions the 38 mm Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra with a 150-meter Co‑Axial Master Chronometer watch and small Seconds subdial. They also liked the 40mm Omega De Ville Trésor Master Co-Axial Chronometer watch.


It will be a mortal sin not to include this esteemed watch brand when talking about luxury timepieces. If you would ask anyone about a good luxury watch brand, this name might come to their minds first. Rolex is one of the brands in Forbes’s list of the most valuable brands in the world. This fact is very telling of the brands’ prestige. This Swiss brand has been present with most of man’s important feats like man’s trip to the moon, swim through the English Channel, expeditions up the highest point of the earth, and more!

Owning a Rolex watch does not mean you also need to break world records (though it would be fantastic if you could!), it would just mean that you can achieve milestones! Vogue loved the classy Rolex Datejust 36 and the Rolex Explorer watch.

Patek Philippe

As we talk about price and brand, this watch brand might make it to the one of the best of the best. People know Patek Philippe as an expensive watch—and rightly so! The reason for this is because of the brand’s exclusivity and meticulous craftsmanship to achieve its complications. Would you believe that Patek Philippe only created less than a million watches since its founders established it?

The Patek 5711/1A Nautilus watch and the Patek 5738P Golden Ellipse watch made it to Vogue’s list.

The Luxury Watches Made For You

Here are just some of the Vogue-approved luxury watch brands. There is no denying that these luxury brands are truly the best of the best! However, the key to choosing the perfect luxury watch for you is to invest in the one that speaks about you. Make sure to look at their official websites to get to know these brands more.

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