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What to Expect on National Cat Day?

National Cat Day

National Cat Day is a day set aside by different countries around the world countries to celebrate cats’ rare and friendly quality. And also to create awareness to make the public realize the role of pets in general. And to also make them adopt a kitten that still needs a home to stay.

The celebration usually takes place annually on the 29th of October. However, the date varies across different countries of the world. Japan celebrates its own annually on February 29th. Canada is on August 8th. Russia celebrates its own on March 1st among other nations of the world.

History of National Cat Day and the Domestication of Felines

This special pet day was created by a woman named Collen Paige. She discovered it in 2005 to create awareness about the number of kittens that need to be rescued each year. 

According to research carried out by Science Magazine; Cat domestication dated back to 12000 years ago. Another finding by Per National Geographic DNA analysis indicates that felines lived for thousands of years. Before being domesticated by humans. They experienced a transformation in their genes from wild felines to domestic kittens.

The Differences Between National Cat Day and International Cat Day

International Cat Day was founded in 2002 by the International Fund for Animal Welfare. They celebrate cat dog internationally annually on August 8th. The United Kingdom is among the numerous countries that followed the International date. 

While the day is one set aside by the authority of a particular country to observe her celebration, the date varies among countries. 

Why Celebrate Cat Day

Felines have become a companion of men for at least 9500 years, and they are now the most popular pet in the world. Below are some of the reasons why the kitten is being celebrated annually.

  • To point to the special bond between humans and animals.
  • Celebrate felines for the deep love humans have for pets or fun sake
  • Supports the well-being and safety of felines locally and globally.

More Reasons to Celebrate Felines

Observing the day should be done daily due to the excellent qualities contained by felines. Studies have shown that regular interactions with animals may improve health and reduce physical stress. Having a pet in the home may also promote psychological health by providing personal support to people suffering from depression. And anxiety. 

National Cat Day Traditions


The primary reason behind national kitten day is to acknowledge the number of felines in need of rescue each year. And so it is a tradition to educate people on the topic. Many also choose to observe by exhibiting some love to the feline. 

The Names of the Male, Female, and Young Cats

A male cat is called Tom. A female feline is known as Queen. At the same time, a young or baby pet is called a kitten.

What to Expect on National Cat Day?

Having discussed the uniqueness of cats and their relevance to humans. It is proper to discuss some of the activities that are expected to take place. The importance or the role played by felines in the home cannot be over-emphasized. Below are some of the activities to expect on national feline day. 

  1. Adopt a kitten. The goal of national cat day is to raise awareness about the role played by felines in our homes. One of the best ways to commemorate this special day is to adopt a homeless kitten. Doing this will go a long way in fulfilling the mission for the establishment of the festival. 
  2.  Donate to a local animal shelter. Another good aspect is to donate your resources to the local animal shelter. Feline is also part of the animals in the shelter. If you cannot adopt a cat or a kitten, the second-best option is to donate either money or material stuff to the local animal shelter. This will go a long way in meeting some of the cat’s needs, like balanced food, good medical check-up, and a befitting animal shelter. This will shield them from harsh weather and prolong their life span.
  3. Watch feline videos on YouTube. There are many YouTube videos about kittens and their funny characters on YouTube. If you are a pet lover, the best thing to do is go on YouTube and spend quality time watching cat videos. This will go a long way to increase your state and also increase your love for the pet.
  4. Make your pet video. To make a video is no longer difficult as compared to the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. With your phone, you can make a nice video of your kitten displaying its funny traits. Upload to YouTube and allow others to join in the spirit of the season.
  5. Bring home a shiny new toy. Buy a brand new toy for your pet if you genuinely love them, as this will help color the day. 
  6. Take your feline for a walk. Taking your pet for a walk will be a memorable thing to do. Going on a simple walk with your pet in a serene environment will give them a sense of belonging. You can check here for best ways to spend time outdoors with your pet. 
  7. Schedule a dinner date
  8. Finance your pet’s safety with a GPS tracker. This is a new technology developed to secure house pets.
  9. Brush your kittens to get rid of excess fur and hairballs
  10. Hire an experienced pet photographer for a pleasure photoshoot.

In Conclusion

A cat is the best pet to domesticate due to the unique qualities they possess. They help to secure our homes against rodents. Giving kittens a befitting celebration will go a long way to promote feline adoption and acceptance.

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