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What you should know about Automated Testing 

Automated Testing 

Testing is an indispensable part of the development of any product. The creation of software isn’t an exception. A well-conducted testing helps to prevent security violations that can cost any company a lot. 

What is Automation Testing?

Software Automation Testing – is a process of software verification that is performed with the help of specific tools for automated checking. It includes the analysis of principal functions, the performance, launch, and received results. It is used for a variety of fields, but QA testing games are especially popular. 

The person who conducts automated testing is called Quality Assurance (QA) Automation engineer. It is a specialist that ensures the quality of the product by applying programming tools for managing tests and analysing their results.

The main task of a QA automator is to develop automatic scripts that will check the operation of the program based on test cases written by QA manuals. It helps to reduce the time needed for conducting testing and makes the process much easier.

 QA Automation engineer has both the programming skills and an excellent logic needed for any tester. Just like QA engineers or testers, the specialists we are talking about traces the quality of a product at various stages of its development. In terms of programming QA automation engineers are also engaged in the development of IT products. They create a product to check the code written by programmers. In other words, programmers create, testers hack, and automators create to hack.

Bear in mind that automated testing is worth applying only when the time and resources spent on its implementation and maintenance do not exceed the estimated time and resources required  for manual testing of the same functionality.

 In theory, everything that is tested manually can be automated. However, there isn’t always a need for it. First of all, it is essential to automize the routine actions that are performed on a regular basis and take a lot of time.

The advantages of Unreal Engine 

It is quite obvious why people want to automate as many processes as possible. Firstly, it saves our valuable time so that we can devote it to more important things. Secondly, it helps us achieve the set goals quicker. To get an overall impression about Automated Testing let’s consider some of the greatest advantages it has. 

Automation saves time on time-consuming tasks

The testing of a software can be time-consuming. At the same time it is usually repetitive. For example, there are tests that check whether an application works as expected after a new app update appears. Both iOS and Android receive updates frequently, and sometimes these updates affect the features of apps. If the update influences the app features, you need to test those features to make sure the app works properly with the latest version of the operating system.

Well, all these repetitive tests can be done manually, but it takes a great deal of time. Instead of this QA automation engineer can create algorithms for the automated launch of these tests, while QA works on the development of new functions and features. 

A script can run tests up to five times faster than a human and the QA can do some manual tasks or write more scripts at the same time. What’s more, automated testing can be performed 24/7, times without weekends. While specialists that conduct manual testing usually work up to 8 hours a day and 5 days a week. It means that the performance of automated testing is much higher. The regression tests are repeated after each update of the app or operational system functions. These tests check whether the update leads to bugs and conflict between the functions. In terms of manual testing a person is required to launch such a test every time a new update appears. A specialist can develop a testing scenario just once, but launch it anytime it is needed.

Automated testing counteract human errors 

It is quite common for people to make mistakes and miscalculate. The programs, provided they are written well, don’t make mistakes. The higher expertise of a chosen specialist, the lower risks of bugs. However, even if you apply to the best motion graphics design services, it is essential to conduct testing just to be calm and make sure that everything is brilliant. 

Automated testing allows you to detect errors quickly. In this kind of testing, there is no “seems to work as expected” –it either works or it doesn’t.

Automated testing can save your money

At first glance, it’s easy to understand. The lesser time you spend on testing, the lesser money you need to get it done. This fact often arises in the debate about manual versus automated testing. And this is true to some extent: in the long run, the automating of all possible processes is likely to save you a lot of QA work hours and therefore a great deal of money.

Drawing the line

 Now you know how you can benefit from the automated testing. Being a time, cost, and energy-efficient solution it attracts a number of developers worldwide. Anyway, the decision whether to make use of it or apply to manual testing rests upon you. Make sure you take a well-informed choice. 

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