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A Guide on How to Convert Word to PDF

Word to PDF

Documents are never absent in any workplace. Whether it is business, organization, or school. They would have to store their information in several files and keep track of their records. These files comprise the foundations and operations of various people in this information-driven society. Even you yourself must have made some Word documents too!

At some point, sharing your documents with other people might be inevitable. Especially when you are anticipating collaboration with others, there would be the need to use online communication tools and sharing devices. You would want to ensure that the contents of your files remain safe and confidential. 

Convert Your Files with PDFBear’s Word to PDF

One thing you should do before sharing your documents with others is converting Word to PDF.  A single search of Word to PDF on your web browser is all it takes to know numerous online tools to use. You can also opt for software applications if you want to. Nonetheless, we recommend using PDFBear’s Word to PDF to handle your file conversion conveniently.

This excellent tool boasts tight security with the usage of the 256-bit SSL encryption technique, which is above standards. Alongside its superb services that come 100% free, it has a user-friendly interface that allows all people, expert or not, to experience their services. Here’s how to use PDFBear’s converter.

  1. Drag and drop or upload your file to the tool from your storage.
  2. The converter will automatically process your file.
  3. Wait for the conversion to finish.
  4. Download your newly converted PDF.

Using online tools like this one is a great alternative if you don’t have other means to convert your Word documents to PDF. Moreover, they are relatively easy to use and can even do the job within moments! PDFBear’s Word to PDF is universally compatible with all platforms, and it doesn’t need any software installation. It’s quite impressive, isn’t it?

PDFs Retain Document Formatting

One problem that most people face is the risk of having messed-up document formatting when they send their Word documents. These changes often happen due to software version differences, usage of different word processors, and other reasons. Consequently, the elements inside your document won’t be in their rightful place. Converting Word to PDF solves that.

PDF stands for Portable Document Format. This file format has the ability to preserve your documents’ appearances even after online transmission. PDFs essentially function as an image of your file, seeming as though you have printed them already. As a result, they would be identical regardless of whichever device you use to open them. 

Ensuring that your files retain their original appearance is necessary. As we all know, credibility and graphic integrity are essential in any professional context. This way, you can assure your collaborators that everything they see in your file can be trusted. You can also ensure precision towards information, removing the possibility of misinformation and errors.

PDFs Give Security

Almost all people agree that PDF is relatively the most secure file format among others. You can encrypt them with passwords, and also dictate what other people can do to your files. These authentications have two types, which are the user and master passwords. Depending on your security needs, it is your call to choose between the two. Here’s more about them.

User passwords’ function is to simply open your PDF document. You can imagine them as your door keys which you use to get inside your house. On the other hand, master passwords, also known as permissions passwords, allow you to restrict other people’s actions towards your files. For instance, you can disallow printing, sharing, editing, and the like.

You have to ensure that your documents remain confidential as they might contain business secrets and other sensitive information. While this is indeed true, there’s also the need to share some of them for the sake of cooperation. To ensure that only you and your collaborator know their contents, encrypting them with passwords is one excellent option in your hands.

PDFs are Easy to Share

Though we have more capability in terms of sharing files online, there are still some limitations. For example, email and other communication tools have predetermined file size limits. These thresholds become inconvenient for people most of the time, especially when they are sending large amounts of data. 

Another situation that may arise is the problems of file corruption and timeouts when uploading files. The same is true when downloading them too. On the other hand, PDFs are relatively easier to share than most others. They are compact and can be compressed, so you can reduce their sizes. Moreover, you can retain their quality with the help of powerful tools.

Work is often fast-paced, and delays can undoubtedly affect productivity. These delays often happen due to file sharing issues. By using PDFs, you can easily attach them to your messages and emails, without eating too much bandwidth. It would also be more manageable for your recipient to download the file on their end, which can translate to quicker feedback.

PDFs are Available Everywhere

Because there are so many advantages that people can get from using PDFs, you can expect that they are accepted and used everywhere. It wouldn’t be weird to send PDFs to other people, and in fact, doing so is pretty standard. You can get rid of the worry that your recipient cannot open your file, since it doesn’t require any special software.

Additionally, PDFs are version-independent. Regardless of how up-to-date your PDF reader is, it won’t matter. They would appear precisely the same without any hitch. So, rest assured that your recipient can access your file without any issues.


Information is an essential thing that keeps our society running. They can be stored in several files, and you can imagine why there is a need for confidentiality and graphic integrity. Keeping them safe when sharing with other people and making sure they arrive at their destination is necessary. Convert your Word documents to PDF now with PDFBear.

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