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Crucial Ways to Ensure Your Family Pets Are Comfortable This Winter

Family Pets

Whether you share your home with a dog, cat, rabbit, hamster, parrot, or even a snake, their health and well-being will no doubt be of optimum priority.

Throughout the winter months, it is a tragic fact that many pets lose their lives due to not being looked after and cared for properly. So, to avoid this and hopefully eradicate such disasters as much as possible, continue reading. 

Here are the most important ways to ensure your family pets are comfortable this winter.

Invest in New Bedding & Blankets

Just like when you and your children feel cold in the home, and you reach for a snuggly throw, blanket, or even an extra layer of clothing, even though your pet may well come ready set with a fur coat, they can still get cold, especially at night and in the winter. Installing a smart thermostat could be the easiest way to prevent them from getting cold, so click here for more information on how this will help both you and your cherished pet in the future. 

Remember that your animal will prefer the familiar scents of their own belongings, so be sure to include an older blanket or two amongst the new, warmer purchases. 

Conduct More Regular & Thorough Health Checks 

Even though there are a plethora of parallels to be drawn between animals and humans, one of the differences that is entirely invisible to the naked eye is how differently various species of domesticated animals show pain and illness.

Whereas your child is far more likely to either let you know verbally that they are in pain or have a problem or else cry and show you, your pet, especially prey animals such as bunny rabbits and hamsters, instinctively try and hide it.

This is why, especially during the winter months when health complaints of varying degrees of severity are far more commonplace, you should be conducting more regular and thorough health checks. 

Naturally, the way you conduct a health check on your pet depends on the species, but the following guide will serve to help:

  • For rabbits, check their bottom, ears, and eyes
  • For dogs, check their tails, nose, and stomach
  • For cats, check their nose, paws, and tails
  • For birds, check their claws, beaks, and eyes
  • For snakes, check their entire body for swelling 

Avoid Loneliness at All Costs

Finally, as you should be doing every single day of the year, regardless of the mammal, bird, or reptile you have welcomed into the family fold, you must ensure that you provide them with enough company, both of their own kind and yours. 

Loneliness in animals can not only lead to depression and emotional health problems but also lead to physical health issues too. For example, when a budgie is not bonded to a mate, and its humans are out of the house for the majority of the day, it will start to painfully pull out its feathers.

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