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How A Lifestyle Change Helps You Overcome A Heartbreak

how to overcome heartbreak

It has been scientifically proven that heartbreak can almost give an illusion of physical pain.

So, if you are someone who has been dealing with a recent breakup or rejection, your sufferings are genuine. It is not just your mind who is going through mental turmoil, but it is also your body that is suffering mild physical distress.

At times like this, people also fall into a depression where they are unable to find zeal in doing anything.

They are unable to wake up in the morning or give their hundred percent to work or academics. This is nothing but the effects of withdrawal.

The serotonin release one feels when they are likely in love is suddenly taken away with the absence of that person.

This is one of the reasons why we need certain changes!

It is like recovering from an addiction, and if that requires some lifestyle changes, so will your heartbreak.

In this excerpt below, we are bringing some of the best lifestyle changes which you can incorporate into your life.

A Note!

We might be discussing more reading books or watching a movie, so if you are someone who does not have an OTT platform or are unable to buy that book because of its unavailability-

Then do not worry!

The Pirate Bay is a torrent platform where you can search anything on the dashboard and get a genuine source through which you will be able to download the content.

Do not worry; as long as you are not using these free items to earn, you are not committing any crime.

Lifestyle Changes To Get Over A Heartbreak

Here are some of the best lifestyle changes which can help you get over a heartbreak. A fair disclaimer, all of them won’t be easy. Sometimes you would want to give up, but the key is to not.

1. Get A Morning Run/Yoga

The morning run or yoga will be the most difficult to incorporate as a lifestyle in the beginning, but believe us! They will feel the most liberating.

This is because early morning exercises or stretches are known for increasing the level of serotonin in your body. The best part is, once you get into a habit, now you have a ‘good hormone’ inducing habit which is not dependent on anyone else.

2. Watch Movies That Motivate You

Yes, you can watch those cheesy, corny movies which will help you get a good cry. But, after the cry and the misty session, when you want to get your life back together, you have to watch something motivating.

Some of the best movies for this time are-

– Eat Pray Love.

– Eternal Sunshine Of A Spotless Mind.

– Marriage Story.

3. Follow Influencers

There are some lifestyle influencers who speak heavily about enjoying single life. They are experts in idolizing the life where you are your only support system, and this is what you need.

Add things from their lifestyle to yours because now you have someone to relate to.

4. Read More After Heartbreak Stories

If you are a reader, this might be the time that you pick up one of the after heartbreak healing books. These could be a beautiful therapeutic book like ‘The Wisdom Of A Broken Heart,’ or you can pick a classic fiction book like ‘Queenie.’

5. Get A 30 Day Mental Health Challenge

This is the best thing you can do for yourself. Take a month and try to do thirty things that will make you feel good, one for each day.

After a month, you will have a whole new perspective on self-love. 

6. Get A Therapist

This doesn’t mean that you are sick or are dealing with a mental health disorder. You have no idea the ways a therapist can help you not only to heal but navigate your life better for the future.

This is something you absolutely need.

7. Do More Outdoor Activities

Being in nature gives your heart more clarity than anything. When you are breathing the crisp air in nature while walking your dog or just sitting on a park bench, you will literally feel yourself healing. 

Get Your Life Back!

These are simple suggestions, but that doesn’t mean you will have to do all of them. You can find solace in simple journaling rather than watching a movie.

Remember this is the time when you concentrate completely on yourself and your healing.

So, do whatever feels right!

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