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How to Choose a Motorcycle Helmet

motorcycle helmet

When a person buys his first motorcycle, he faces a dilemma: how to choose a helmet for a motorcycle? After all, there are a great many of them, and which one is suitable for him. What to consider when choosing a helmet, and what you need to pay attention to in the first place.

How to choose a helmet?

I am sure that every motorcyclist, beginner or professional knows that the helmet, first and foremost, is its own protection, which in no case can be neglected. Scratches and abrasions will heal and there will be no trace left of them, and the damaged head is beyond repair. Go by link

Before you buy it is worth spending some time and doing some research on what kind of helmets for motorcycles, what they are made of, and what size is right for you.

All motorcycle helmets can be divided into the main two groups – for road trips and sport. The first are designed for constant use in urban areas and for trips out of town. They are perfectly ventilated and comfortable to wear. The latter are designed for high speed, and have a specific shape.

Before you choose a motorcycle helmet, look at its label, it must have the quality standards of the three major world organizations: the American DOT, the world foundation SNELL and the ANSI standardization institute. They all guarantee the following criteria:

  1. No sharpened object will penetrate through the shell of the helmet during impact.
  2. The helmet will absorb most of the kinesthetic impact, saving your head from injury.
  3. The ability of the helmet and its attachment to be held on the head. 
  4. Minimum viewing angle of 120 degrees, when worn.

What a helmet is made of Any motorcycle helmet consists of several layers, like an onion. The outer one is the strongest, usually made of a special, impact-resistant plastic, which takes the first, strongest blow. The most modern models replace the plastic with carbon, which, in its characteristics, surpasses any polymer material.

The middle layer is the shock absorbing foam which is the most important part of the helmet, the quality of the foam absorbs the force of the impact, so your head will not suffer in a fall or an accident.

The inner layer is needed for comfortable wearing a helmet while driving. It usually has a removable structure to be able to wash it.

Choosing which helmet to choose for your motorcycle, pay attention to ventilation. The helmet should ventilate well. This allows you to breathe even with low flow, and keeps the visor from fogging up from your breath. If there is too much ventilation in cool weather, some of the openings can simply be closed with plugs.

Choosing a helmet

Making a purchase, in the first place, it is worth approaching the question practically. Depending on the type of motorcycle and riding style, choose the appropriate head protection.

The popular type of helmet integral or Full Face was primarily designed for fans of very fast riding. It has the most streamlined shape, and perfectly copes with the absorption of extraneous sounds. It has a high degree of protection and an increased viewing angle associated with a semi-reclining position on the motorcycle.

For fans of motorcycle tourism manufacturers have invented a modular or Flip up. Externally, it resembles an integral, but has a hinged front end. This is very convenient, because in the case of a conversation or in order to sip water, it is not necessary to remove the whole.

The open or Jet, is ideal for getting around town. It has less protection, but it is very practical and comfortable in everyday use.

If you bought a cross bike and can not live without extreme rides, then you need the appropriate protection. Helmet for such bikes has excellent ventilation, excellent protection, as well as a wide visor from the sun. But it is not suitable for operation at high speeds.

Choosing a helmet size

To determine if this helmet size is right for you or not, you need to put it on your head. Fit the helmet tightly on your head, and fasten all the clasps. Feel if the helmet fits your head completely, then the first part of the fitting was successful. Now try shaking your head back and forth. If you can feel the tension of the skin, but the helmet does not change its position – it is your size. But if the helmet starts to shift, then you should try trying on one size smaller. Now you know how to choose a motorcycle helmet size. But remember, over time the helmet tends to increase slightly, and this will be a reason to buy a new one.

Helmet for a dirt bike

Cross motorcycle differs from all others not only in appearance, it is quite different in operation. It is ridden on the most difficult road conditions. Not only sand and dirt fly out from under the motorcycle wheels, but also pebbles, which, hitting the head area, can cause injuries. And tree branches should also be taken into account.

So the question is how to choose a helmet for a cross bike? First of all, you should immediately forget about the open models, they are not suitable at once. Also, the integral models are not quite suitable, as they have weak ventilation at relatively low speed. It is worth paying attention to special helmets for cross motorcycles, it is they meet the basic requirements:

  1. Visor (protects from the bright sun and blinding them).
  2. Quality protection not only the head, but also the neck, chin and cheeks.
  3. Breathing Reflector effectively cleans the incoming air and diverts it. 
  4. Effective ventilation of the entire helmet.

Only such a helmet can guarantee a high degree of protection in the event of a fall of the motorcyclist, or an unforeseen obstacle.

Motorcycle helmet manufacturers

There are an incredible number of manufacturers in the world, and it can be difficult to choose from one of them. This list will help narrow down the choice, and answer the question: which helmet company to choose for your motorcycle.

Helmets from a famous company AGV are perfect for those who are used to high speeds and want maximum protection. Money spent on it will not be wasted. You get the assurance that it will help save your health and life if necessary.

Scorpion is an excellent choice for a city helmet, it provides excellent protection at low speeds but is practical enough to wear. Does not require taking off your helmet often to talk to people.

If you have a very loud motorcycle that has a straight-talker installed, Schuberth is your choice. The highest degree of noise absorption is assured. The protective properties are unaffected.

You like to be original? Do not want to be like everyone else? The Bell line of helmets will help you stand out from the crowd. While remaining first and foremost protective, this helmet can also be a stylish accessory.

Arai, a legendary manufacturer of motorcycle helmets, remains to this day a benchmark of quality. Its reasonable combination of price and quality makes it the sales leader worldwide.


When choosing a helmet, remember that nothing is as important in this world as your health and life. Saving on a helmet can cost you a lot more if you get hurt while riding your motorcycle. Even a minor fall can result in serious injury if you don’t have enough protection on your head.

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