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How to Get Started: Basics of Buying a Life Insurance Plan

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Your primary concern will always be the welfare and security of your loved ones. To ensure you have enough money to support your family members in their actions, you put in a lot of effort and work hard for your living. A Life Insurance Plan can be a nifty tool for those with financial responsibilities to their loved ones. 

What if something were to happen to you? is a question that life insurance provides a solution to. Then, who will look after your loved ones? How will they take care of their wants and objectives? Life insurance is a term that you should be well-versed in, given its significance.

Why Should You Invest in a Top-Rated Policy for Life Insurance? 

A Life Insurance Plan is meant to safeguard your loved ones financially after your death. If you are the family’s primary provider of income, life insurance becomes a need. Additionally, it eases your mind because you are confident in the financial security of your family. Having life insurance is not solely for safety, though. Here are a few crucial justifications for you to obtain life insurance: 

A. Long-term financial security for your dependents 

B.  Generating tax-free income

C. Funding for your retirement 

D. Long-term accumulation of tax-free wealth 

E. Protection from taxes and inflation

Understanding Life Insurance Terminology 

You should familiarise yourself with the numerous life insurance phrases now that you know the many forms of coverage. Almost all forms of Life Insurance Plans use the following terms: 


Any Life Insurance Plan must have premiums as a condition. You must pay this sum to the insurance providers each year to maintain your policy. Your coverage may be cancelled if you fail to pay your premiums. You can choose between making instalments or one large payment each year to your life insurance company. 


Whoever you choose to benefit from your insurance policy is known as the “nominee.” In the event of your untimely passing, the nominee will be the one who receives the death benefit. Any family member, including your wife, kids, parents, and other relatives, may be nominated. Get to know a nominee in a life insurance policy completely. 


These are the extra benefits that raise the sum assured, as was previously discussed. These riders provide coverage for the areas that your basic policy does not, allowing you to broaden the scope of your policy.

Age of Maturity 

The age at which the insurance coverage you purchased matures or expires. Once its predetermined tenure is up, a policy achieves its maturity age. When a person reaches this age, the policy is no longer effective. For instance, you wait until 30 to get a 30-year term Life Insurance Plan. When you turn 60, it is when you will reach maturity. 

Death Benefit

This is the primary advantage of having Life Insurance Plan. The amount an insurance company will give to your family should you pass away while the policy is still in effect is known as the death benefit. It is the sum for which you are insured. The policy’s death benefit depends on several clauses related to the policy. 

Life Insurance Plan Types 

There are several life insurance strategies depending on your financial objectives. The following are the most well-liked life insurance plans in India: 

Savings Plan

With the help of a savings plan, you may put aside money regularly and build an emergency or retirement fund for your family. 

Term Insurance 

Term Life Insurance Plan protects against financial loss for a predetermined amount of time in exchange for continuous premium payments. If you pass away while the policy is in effect, the beneficiary will get the sum promised. 

Endowment Plan 

An endowment plan is similar in including insurance with a savings mechanism. Since the return is not tied to the underlying asset’s performance, the investment is completely risk-free. If you die while the policy is in effect, you will get the death and maturity benefits created via savings. 


Other Life Insurance Plans include retirement plans and the ULIPs. In contrast, pension and retirement plans allow you to gradually build up a sizeable portion of your savings. Unit-linked insurance plans offer life protection and the chance to invest and make money.


Getting life insurance is the greatest approach to providing financial security for your family in the case of an unexpected death. Furthermore, life insurance has advantages at all times. Whether you’re in your early twenties or about to have a family with your spouse, this issue must be addressed.

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