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The Best Crypto Games Of The Year


Welcome to the future of gaming! 

Blockchain cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are changing how we play games. These are revolutionary new products that combine an all-new experience with no barriers to entry. 

The “blockchain” in these games refers to a distributed ledger maintained by thousands of computers around the world, called nodes. 

This means that no single entity can control or change it. Blockchain games are built on a decentralized network: they’re safer than traditional games since they don’t rely on a central server, and they’re almost impossible to hack because they’re protected by cryptography. This is a reason why Bitcoin casinos are also installing this type of game on their websites to provide opportunities for gamblers to play safely.

You can transfer your digital assets (like characters) between different blockchain games. This article will introduce you to some of our favorite blockchains.


CryptoZombies is a free game that teaches you how to build a decentralized application on Ethereum. 

It’s an appealing way to learn the basics of blockchain, and it’s fun.

In CryptoZombies, you train your army of “zombie” blockchain developers by feeding them bite-sized lessons about cryptocurrency and smart contracts. 

You’ll also learn how to write smart contracts yourself!


But you don’t have to be a crypto expert in playing CryptoKitties. 

The game is without complex rules or convoluted mechanics. Players collect and breed digital kitties, which they can then sell or trade on the marketplace.

Ethereum blockchain is the basis of this game, so it’s entirely decentralized—meaning that there’s no central authority controlling any aspect of it (there are no servers). 

The players themselves keep track of everything through their wallets and transactions.

Blockchain Cuties

Blockchain Cuties is a game where you can buy, sell and breed virtual cats. It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain. 

The game has been an enormous success, and it’s currently one of the most popular games in terms of usage. 

The CryptoKitties craze may have passed by now, but plenty of people are still playing this game today!

Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity is a collectible game based on blockchain technology. 

The gameplay involves breeding and raising different types of creatures called Axies, which can be trained to fight other players’ Axies in tournaments or battles.

Lots of updates have been here since the game was released in January 2019. 

It’s currently the most popular game in this category (and one of the most popular games overall), with over 1 million downloads from Google Play alone.

HyperDragons Go!

  • A collectible card game (CCG) is a type of game that uses small collectible cards to build a customizable deck.
  • The HyperDragons Go! The app is a blockchain-based CCG in which you can buy, sell and trade digital dragons – the in-game currency for this game.
  • If you’re looking for a little bit of a challenge, you can play against other people or an AI opponent. You’ll need to update your deck regularly as new cards are released, so check back often!

Join the Crypto Gaming Gold Rush

  • Get started. 

To become a successful game developer, you’ll need to learn to program and be involved in blockchain-based games. It’s the first step towards this goal. 

Cryptocurrency is becoming increasingly popular, and many online resources are available to help you learn more.

 Look for courses on Udemy or Coursera and try coding websites like CodeCademy, Hackr, and FreeCodeCamp.

  • Make money by building your own game using blockchain technology

You can also make money by creating an existing game from scratch and then programming it so that people can earn a profit from their gameplay—all thanks to cryptocurrency!

  • Turn your passion for gaming into a career by developing new games with cryptocurrencies as an integral part of their design.

 This will be challenging at first, but once you gain experience, there are few limits on what you can achieve within this field.


Hopefully, you’ll find this list has given you a lot of ideas for spending your crypto tokens. 

Of course, we’ve only covered a few of the many games out there! Huntercoin, Etheroll, and CryptoKitties (which even started its fad).

 If you know of some other great crypto games or want to share your high score on any of these, let us know in the comments! 

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