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The Most Exciting Gambling Destinations for Casino Lovers


One of the great things about being a gambling enthusiast is that you can explore your passion while traveling. There are great casinos all over the world and visiting them also presents a chance to travel and learn about new cultures. 

Our list covers a few of the most popular gambling destinations out there, but it’s not a complete list by any means. There are countless more casinos you can and should visit and make sure to have enough time to explore the city you’re in as well. 

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the gambling capital of the world and for most people, it’s the city that first comes to mind when they think of gambling. It offers every kind of casino, game, and tournament out there and should be visited by both small-time players and high rollers. 

Vegas is also a city of entertainment and you can visit it and spend the whole time going from one show and concert to another, without gambling at all. Make sure to take advantage of this when you visit and when you’re away from the casinos. 

Macau, China

Macau is often called the Monte Carlo of Asia and there is good reason to call it that. This unique region came to be such an important place for local players because it doesn’t follow the gambling restrictions of China, but it does attract players from China that have the disposable income to play there.

The casinos are made to provide the same experience as you would get in Las Vegas and this goes for both gambling and the entertainment for which Las Vegas is known. It’s now equally popular with Asian and Western players. 

Atlantic City, New Jersey 

Atlantic City is another member of the short list of US cities known for its gambling industry. It has always rivaled Las Vegas and for many its offers were slightly better than those of Vegas. This goes for both the gambling and the accommodations for which the city is so well known.

The boardwalk is the most famous part of the city and one that is its historic center. Make sure that you leave enough time in between games to visit it and to use the opportunity to learn about how the city came to be what it is today. 

Niagara Falls, Canada, USA

Niagara Falls are a great destination even if you’re not a gambling enthusiast. It’s one of the most magnificent wonders of nature and a great destination if you’re interested in water and extreme sports. There are also casinos on both sides of the border. 

Most players choose to visit casinos in both Canada and the US to compare and contrast the two. You can play the same games in both casinos and there’s little difference when it comes to the quality of accommodations. 

Salzburg, Austria

Salzburg isn’t the first place that comes to mind when you think of a gambling destination but it’s one of the most beautiful European cities that has plenty of casinos and gambling establishments. If you enjoy history and beautiful architecture, you’ll enjoy Salzburg even if you’re not a gambler yourself. 

Casinos are open every day except December 24th. They are also known for amazing cuisine served to both players and guests. The first casino in Salzburg was opened in 1934 and it was operational ever since except during WW2. You should also take the time to go skiing and enjoy the mountains when away from the tables. 

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco is known as the most exclusive destination in Europe. It’s known for its high-end casinos and endless expensive shops. You’ve probably seen the city in one of the James Bond films and that’s the kind of guests and players that it attracts. It’s therefore a casino destination for the wealthiest and most exclusive players. 

While you’re visiting Monaco you should take the time to travel to France, which isn’t known for its gambling establishments, but it’s a short drive from Monaco and it would be a shame not to make the trip while you can. 

Nassau, Bahamas

Nassau in the Bahamas is a dream destination for many and not only because of its casino and gambling establishments. It’s a tropical paradise with the most amazing beaches and opportunities to participate in the most extreme water sports. All of these could be done in between gambling and gaming. 

Local casinos are also very much focused on poker games and poker tournaments in particular. There are tournaments in Nassau that will feature players with different betting ranges. Some of these are professionals and high rollers only, but others are there for any player regardless of their skill level.

Shreveport, Louisiana

This destination is one of those that don’t make most lists for casino lovers, but it deserves to be on them. Many southern US cities are trying to rival Las Vegas and to provide the offer that will be just as good as those of the cities that are mostly associated with gambling. Shreveport has achieved that in many ways. 

There’s also a lot of focus on horse raising in casinos in Louisiana and you can try it in Shreveport as well as many other local casinos and other establishments that you can find nearby. The entertainment and accommodations are top-notch and akin to what you may expect in any other gambling city.

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