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What Are The Steps Of Script Development?

Script Development

Movie watchers are hooked to cinema for various reasons but a good storyline is at the heart of every masterpiece. Creating an interesting script requires a lot of creativity as you have to build up gripping characters and a compelling storyline. 

The story development for screenwriting is a complex process that is tedious but rewarding. You have to dedicate good amount of time into developing a screenplay that audiences can connect with. 

Working on the first draft can be a long and difficult process but it is only the beginning of script development. The story will be refined as you progress towards making changes. Subsequently, there will be other drafts. Here are some essential steps that need to be followed while developing a script. 

Original script 

Writing a script is a process that requires enormous amount of creativity. While talent and inspiration are two important components while preparing a script, it also requires some other factors. 

The most important component here is originality which makes a script truly unique. While challenging, this task is the pillar of a good screenplay as you have to take inspiration from everything around you and create something new and completely original. 

Creating a good logline 

Before you start writing the screenplay, you first create a framework. This allows you to design a protagonist and an antagonist along with an interesting plotline where you can shape new developments in the storyline. Having a logline in place will give structure to the story and allow you to set the premise of the story. 

A logline is like the spine of a good story and gives you the overview of the entire thing. It allows you to convey to producer and other members what your story wants to say. It is a given that a logline has to be interesting to capture the imagination of listener, making them curious to know more. 

Writing a captivating treatment 

After the logline comes the treatment that is more detailed and contains he title of your screenplay along with the list of all the main characters, the logline and a short synopsis. When you are trying to pitch your script, you will verbally pitch the logline to the producer who will decide to read the treatment before making any decision on the script. 

Since the treatment is detailed, it has to highlight all the important parts of the story. Anyone who reads the treatment should get a good understanding of the characters, story, theme and style of the movie. In short, the treatment has to be like an immersive experience where the reader is able to view the whole story and becomes invested in it. 

Developing characters and plotline 

The next most important part is putting life into the framework that you have designed earlier. Flesh out each of the character and put a detailed outline in place. Ensure to build up tension to keep the audience hooked and drive the story forward. 

Prepare the first draft 

When everything is in place, start writing your script, scene by scene. While you are working on your script and writing each of the dialogue and describing each scene, remember that the first 10 pages are very important. This does not mean that the rest of script is any less important, it simply implies that the first ten pages should have enough pull to keep the reader/producer engaged enough to read the whole script.

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