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What to Know Before Filing a Boating Accident Claim

Boating Accident Claim

Boating accidents can be very serious, and if you’ve recently been involved in an incident then you might be injured or even traumatized. Making the decision to file a claim against a responsible party is never easy, but it’s important to do this if you feel that your life has changed as a consequence of what happened. Holding those responsible for the accident to account is crucial and will ensure that you’re fairly compensated. If you’re planning to file a boating accident claim, here’s everything you need to know to prepare. 

Assessing Your Immediate Response

Before you file a boating accident claim, it’s important that you assess your immediate response to the accident. Depending on your state, there are various laws around what you need to do in the immediate aftermath of an incident, such as calling for emergency services, reasonably searching the area for any missing persons and providing first aid where possible. Although you might be limited in what you can do due to injury or lack of training, advising the relevant authorities is a must. Make sure that you acted appropriately before filing your claim, as this will give it the best chance of success. 

Documenting What Happened

After any incident out on the water, you should carefully document what happened before you file a claim for an accident. Some of the most important elements to document are:

  1. What the weather conditions were like, and whether they affected the water. 
  2. Whether anybody involved was injured or went missing following the accident. 
  3. Any financial losses that you incurred as a result of the accident, such as medical bills. 

As part of the documentation process, try to take photographs of the scene of the accident, as well as any damage that occurred to property in the area. You should also speak to witnesses and those involved to get written statements of their version of events. While these steps might feel unnecessary at the time, having a bank of evidence ready for when you make a claim is vital. Plus, you never know what may come in handy if your claim goes to court. 

Getting a Medical Assessment

Even if you don’t think that you’re seriously injured following a boating accident, you should still visit a doctor to be fully assessed. This not only ensures that there isn’t something more serious happening under the surface, but also gives you the chance to have any injuries correctly and accurately recorded ahead of your legal claim. 

Finding the Best Lawyer

Finally, as part of your accident claim preparation you should consult with a professional, highly qualified lawyer. When you look for representation, look for a boat accident lawyer firm with experienced attorneys, like Romanucci & Blandin, who can use their previous experience to support your case. 

Knowing if you should file a claim following a boating accident can be tough, but if you’ve suffered physical, emotional or financial damages, then it’s important to receive the compensation you’re entitled to. By following these steps before making your claim, prioritizing extensive documentation and finding the right lawyer to support you, you’ll be in the best position to rebuild your life. 

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