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Are Online Slots Rigged? We Provide The Answer With Unbiased Information

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Many online casino players, especially those who are new to the gambling industry, wonder whether the slots are rigged. Why is there this doubt? It is very clear: when a player finishes playing a slot machine without winning, it seems to him that the slot is rigged, and its goal is to lure as much money as possible. We’ve gathered unbiased information on whether online slots are fair or not.  

RNG Algorithm and Why It Matters

All modern online slots use the RNG (random number generator) software. This is a program with special algorithms, which includes many commands and combinations. It is important to understand that no combination formed indicates that it will be followed by a particular cycle. Absolutely all combinations are formed randomly. And it is simply impossible to predict the future combination or to influence its occurrence. 

In practice, it looks as follows. Any of the characters may appear several times in a row, and then may not appear for several hours. Therefore, if you personally saw that a player sat for several hours at a slot machine and did not get a winning combination, it does not mean that the slot is rigged. It is more than likely that the subsequent players will get a winning combination, since all results depend solely on the operation of the RNG. 

Each developer of online slots has its own RNG. But, before the slots become available to the user, the RNG is always thoroughly tested to obtain a certificate. If the outcome is positive, the developer receives proof that their product has passed the fairness test and can be presented to users. 

It is important to note that companies that verify and issue certificates have strong reputations. The leaders in this area are the following corporations

1Gaming Laboratory International
3Technical Systems Testing
4Prise Waterhouse Coopers

Obtaining a certificate is a complicated and time-consuming procedure. However, the online casino takes this step, because it is direct evidence that the casino conducts its activities honestly. That means that the trust of users will result in frequent visits to this online platform. There is a quicker way to get a fair RNG. Certified suppliers offer to buy RNG with a ready-to-use certificate of verification. 

Having taken this information as the basis, we draw the following conclusion. Because of the RPM specifically, it is simply impossible to rig the slot to make sure a gambler loses.  

Here is a recommendation! If you doubt the fairness of the casino or do not want to risk real money, choose best free slot games that can be played without registration. Having tested the slot machine, and checked its reliability, you can make a deposit, and feel free to play for money. 


Another indicator that proves that online slots work honestly is an RTP (return to player) rate. This information is available to players. Therefore, before starting the game, the user already knows approximately what to expect from a particular slot. Information about RTP is always provided in the payout table. There are machines with high, medium, and low RTP. 

  • Low RTP. Playing slots with low RTP rates, it is important to understand that winning combinations and payouts will be rare. However, you should also remember about the RNG. Players note that they sometimes manage to get payouts from such slots;
  • High RTP. Such slots are known for their multiplication records. This is a great opportunity to multiply your initial capital substantially.. 

While playing slots with an average RTP rate, the player can expect a moderate-sized payout with a medium frequency. As you can see, everything is very honest and open. The user chooses his own slot, so the responsibility for winning or losing lies on him only.  

Curiously enough, the mechanical slots that were popular at the beginning of the twentieth century did not have a RNG. Read in detail about their operation in the article at. 

How to Understand that Online Slots are not Rigged 

Our first recommendation is to explore casino reviews online. Thanks to this information, you can make sure that the casino is fair, as well as understand that modern platforms are aimed at attracting a large number of users who will become regular visitors. And the casino itself will get a place in the ranking of the best. Let’s move on to the most important thing: how to understand that the online slots are not rigged. Here are a few useful recommendations:

  1. Availability of a license. If you come across fraudulent websites, you are solely responsible for it. Therefore, first of all, look for information on whether this online platform has the appropriate documents. 
  2. RTP rate. As mentioned earlier, the RTP rate plays one of the main roles. This information is not hidden, so take the time to find slot games with a high RTP rate.
  3. Players’ reviews. Whether the slot is fair or rigged can be found out from the recommendations of users who have already spent time with this slot machine. Give preference to slots with positive comments. 

Make sure to take into account these tips, and you will always be playing only on reliable platforms with fair slots. 


Most online slots operate without fraud. RNG produces billions of combinations per second, which rules out purposeful falsification. The outcome of the game is simply impossible to predict. It is worth noting that the casino still receives income, regardless of whether the player lost or won. Therefore, they simply do not need to engage in falsification. 

Fair licensed casinos have appropriate slots. But do not forget about fraudulent websites, the purpose of which is to deceive users. Therefore, before you start playing, make sure that the selected online casino has an impeccable reputation. 

You may be interested in information about online casino marketing strategy. And remember, if you are caught up in a series of losses, it does not mean that the slot is necessarily rigged. Just you are not lucky at this point of time. Take a break, relax, and then go back to the game with a good mood. 

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