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Everything to Know About Free Visa Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance

A visa is necessary for those who want to visit foreign countries for different purposes. It is an important document needed to get entry into a particular country for studying, working, and touring. It is valid for some months or years and people should consider extending the same as soon as possible to avoid legal issues. Nowadays, several countries offer free visa travel for immigrants that save more time. The visa free countries on Indian passport make it easy for a person to schedule a trip and other things for vacation. Indian citizens can travel to more than 30 countries under visa free facilities that will help to gain more advantages.  

What are the benefits of visa-free travel?

1. Eliminates the documentation process

A visa-free trip eliminates the lengthy visa documentation process allowing a person to get entry without any hassles. Furthermore, there is no need to submit any additional documents such as bank statements, passport copies, references, letters of support from employers, etc. 

2. Reduces additional expenses 

Getting a visa may become an expensive one for some countries and visa-free travel will help reduce them to a large extent. An immigrant can avoid paying excess amounts with a free-travel visa for 90 days or more depending on the country. 

3. No need to plan ahead

With a free travel visa, a person can go anytime to listed countries. One can avoid planning with this facility that gives ways to ensure peace of mind. Not only that, the visa enables people to arrive at an immigration office and pass through the procedures as soon as possible. 

What is Travel Insurance?

Anyone who travels to visa-free countries should consider buying a travel insurance policy to avoid financial losses and other problems. This is because it is mandatory for visitors in some nations. It involves different types and one should know more about them in detail from different sources. Although travel insurance is not compulsory in certain countries, it is always recommended to buy a policy from a reputed company to manage unwanted issues on a trip. Having a travel insurance plan enables a person to claim amounts for flight delays, accidents, medical emergencies, and so on.

Things to consider while buying travel insurance plans

1. Length of travel 

While purchasing an insurance plan, one should consider the length of travel because it will determine the costs. For example, the costs for 7 days are low that will lower expenditure to a large extent. On the other hand, a traveler has to pay more when it comes to 15 days trip.

2. Distance of travel 

The costs of insurance will vary by distance and a person should calculate the same. It is wise to consult with experts to know more about the costs before purchasing a plan. 

3. Medical benefits and sum insured 

The medical expenses may vary in different countries and a person should make sure that a policy has medical coverage or not. He/she should check medical benefits and the sum assured amount from different sources. This, in turn, gives ways to make the right decision when choosing a plan. 

4. Exclusions 

A policy buyer should understand the exclusions when it comes to travel insurance. Apart from that, it even helps to choose a plan which suits the requirements of a person. It is wise to know the exclusions while planning a trip to visa-free countries. 

5. Claim process 

Travel insurance buyers should learn how a claim process works that will help to overcome the loss of income and other problems on a trip. They should check the claim settlement ratios of a company when choosing a policy. 

6. Pre-existing conditions 

Customers should know whether a plan offers coverage for pre-existing conditions or not that gives ways to avoid disputes in the claiming process. Most travel companies will check the pre-existing conditions of buyers carefully. 

7. Terms and conditions 

Customers should read the terms and conditions of insurance companies while buying an insurance plan online. This will help a lot to minimize unwanted problems when a person wants to claim amounts for loss of baggage, flight delay, trip cancellation, etc.

Where to buy the best travel insurance plans in India?

To buy the best travel insurance plans in India, customers should pick a reliable company that caters to their needs. Care Travel Insurance is one of the leading companies that offer a wide range of plans for customers at affordable prices. The company allows people to select a plan online that helps plan a safer trip to visa-free countries. It even provides free quotes for those who want to buy a plan at estimated budgets. New policy buyers can also contact the customer care team to know more about the plans and other things. They can even compare the plans online when purchasing the best policy.   

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