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The Full Guide to Your Trip to Bangkok


Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, which is a major tourist destination in Southeast Asia. Numerous tourists from all over the world visit this city to enjoy their vacations in this pleasant environment. However, this city was closed for foreign tourists due to the pandemic situation in 2020 and 2021. All air routes and borders with other neighbouring countries were closed at that time. 

Test & Go program

As COVID-19 is fast receding throughout the world, Bangkok is reopening for tourists from all countries. The Thai government has launched a Test & Go program for foreign tourists. According to this program, tourists who are  fully vaccinated are allowed to travel by flight to Bangkok from any country. They also do not need to stay in quarantine after landing here. They only need to take a COVID test after reaching their booked hotel in Bangkok. If the result of this test is negative, they are free to travel all around Thailand. 

Businesses will be opened with 75% of capacity

Thailand government announced in September 2021 that the lockdown norms are lifted to some extent. All commercial establishments, like hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, and beauty salons, can now function with 75% of their total capacity. This step was essential to revive the tourism industry in this country. Thus, people can freely visit these places as per their needs. 

Some restaurants have closed and new restaurants started

Approximately 50,000 restaurants in Bangkok have closed down their operations during the lockdown period. Some of these restaurants have reopened after the lockdown was  eased here since September 2021. But many restaurants have closed down their shutters permanently. However, tourists do not need to worry about their meals while visiting Bangkok, as many new restaurants have started after the situation is returning to normalcy. 

Tourism is 20% of GDP though reopened places will be less crowded

Tourism is one of the leading industries and a major source of income in Thailand. It contributes 20% of the GDP of this country, which is more than most other industrial sectors. However, COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown have proved to be a huge setback for this industry. Though all tourist destinations in Thailand are now reopened for tourists, these places still lack the usual crowd of tourists in normal times. The number of foreign tourists has reportedly decreased by 95% even after the lockdown was eased.

Hotel business suffered due to the pandemic 

After the pandemic, hotel rooms in Bangkok are filled only up to 9%. Thus, most hotels have cut off their prices, for which tourists can book accommodation at much cheaper rates. Local people in Thailand have started the practice of staycations or holistay so that they do not need to book hotels for staying overnight in a place away from home. Some new properties are added to the list of hotels in Bangkok where tourists can stay more comfortably at very cheap rates. The riverside areas along Chao Phraya River in Bangkok are upgraded, opening new restaurants and nightclubs for entertaining tourists.    

SpiceJet has started 6 direct flights to Bangkok

SpiceJet has started running 6 direct flights to Bangkok on March 10, 2022. These flights will take off from Kolkata, Mumbai, and Delhi every day. B737 aircraft will be used for these flights and return flights from Bangkok. People just need to book SpiceJet flights online on their required dates. 

Top places to visit in Bangkok

The Grand Palace – It was a building complex at the city centre, which served as the official residence and royal court of the kings of Thailand. It consists of the Temple of Emerald Buddha, Outer Court, Middle Court, and Inner Court, with beautiful buildings and gardens.

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Wat Pho – It is a Buddhist temple complex located on Rattanakosin Island, to the south of Grand Palace. It is one of the best royal temples in Thailand, housing many images of Lord Buddha and also known for its school of traditional Thai medicine and massage.

Wat Arun – It is another Buddhist temple in Bangkok, located on the bank of Chao Phraya River. It is dedicated to Hindu deity Arun, who is believed to be the charioteer of Sun God. This ancient temple is known for its unique architecture with a central shrine that is topped by a trident. 

Temple of the Golden Buddha – A huge gold statue of Lord Buddha can be seen in the Temple of Wat Traimit in Bangkok. It weighs 5500 Kg and its origin is not yet definitely known. It was covered with a thick layer of other materials to prevent it from being stolen and remain in that state for centuries.

 Wat Suthat – This Buddhist temple in Bangkok was built by King Rama I and Rama II in the 19th century. There are 28 Chinese pagodas at the lower base of this royal temple and several interesting murals at the ordination hall. 

National Museum & Wang Na Palace – This museum of Bangkok stands on the site of Wang Na Palace that was built in the 18th century.  It contains many specimens related to Thai culture and art. There is a hall containing funeral chariots or carriages used for the cremation of royal people. Free tours of this museum are available in English, French, German languages for foreign tourists.

Lumpini Park – This park contains an artificial lake where boating is allowed. It is the first open public place in Bangkok, consisting of many trees, playgrounds, youth centre, a library, dance hall, food centre, and open spaces for holding festivals and other activities. It also houses a statue of King Rama VI, who built this park.  

Take a river cruise

Several luxury river cruises are available down the Chao Phraya River in Bangkok. Top 5-star hotel authorities in this city run these cruises, where all kinds of modern facilities are available with the best quality local cuisines and drinks. These cruises take tourists around all the landmarks of Bangkok, to have a view of these places that are well-adorned with lights at night. 

Therefore, people can again visit Bangkok with their families and enjoy memorable vacations there. 

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