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How To Put A Handle On A Knife In 7 Steps

how to make a knife handle

Knives are some of the very important tools we make use of, especially during our hunting adventures. There are different types of knives available, with each one having a different function from the other. Putting a handle on a knife may seem a bit difficult, but it’s not. There are simple steps to go about it without causing any damage to yourself. 

What Is A Fleshing Knife?

A fleshing knife is a kind of knife that can be used to clean fat and meat off a pelt. They have many shapes and sizes. It is also a very important knife used for shedding fur. You can check local stores for the best optics for ak 47.

There are several methods used to put a handle on a knife. Below are steps to one of the many ways to properly and easily put a handle on a knife. 

How To Put A Handle On A Knife

Tools and Materials

The first step to putting a handle on a knife is to have the right tools. There are certain types of tools and materials needed to put a handle on the knife. They are:

  • Small files 
  • A wood rasp
  • Clamps
  • Scroll saw
  • Half-round file
  • Sandpaper 60-400 grit

Materials needed:

  • Wood. You can make use of lacewood for this
  • Glue or Epoxy
  • Danish oil for the finish

Prepping the Blade

Prepping the blade is another step to putting a handle on your knife. You can start by polishing your blade. Next, you sand the whole blade down to the bare steel and make use of some acetone to get rid of any dirt so the glue can stick on better.

Cutting the Scales

Now, you trace the scales on the wood and cut it out while you make sure the wood grain goes lengthwise towards the handle. It is always a better option if the wood grain is a bit oversized than small.


The gluing is a key process to do when sticking the handle to the blade. If not properly glued, it could crack, slip or fall off. When this happens, it becomes difficult to get the glue out, so ensure the scales are glued on very tight. It is recommended to let the glue be set up overnight.


To avoid any type of movement when shaping the handle of the knife, put your knife on a vise. Note that it is very important to know that the wood can be taken off but not put back on, so take your time. You can smoothen the edges all around the handle with the use of a file, so even if you hit the steel, it smooths it out with the wood.

After that, you profile the wood with a rasp and when you have gotten a rough shape using the rasp, smoothen it with a file. Using a file to smoothen helps to prep the next step, sanding.


Sanding is another important step for the handle. When sanding, take stops to test the grip of the handle. The handle needs to conform to your hand to prevent any chance of slipping when in use.


The last step is to finish the handle. You can make use of a finishing oil for the handle or any other finish available.  The finishing oil brings out the look of the knife handle.


What is the hunter’s most important item of clothing? A knife, right? This is as easy as it can get. Simple steps to help you make your handle for your knife. Follow these steps carefully, and you’ll see yourself making multiple handles in no time.

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